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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Jul 31, 2011 • 20 comments • 5455 views

How do I share videos?


The easiest way to share video is to click the [Link] button under Post Something: on the Stream page.  Paste a the link to the URL for the video.   And click submit.   We work best with Youtube and Vimeo videos.


You can also paste any youtube or vimeo URL in to the convo body or comments.    And it will display it in-line.   


If these don't display the video right, you can also add the video inline to the Body by using the Paste Embed button on the rich text editor.


If it's still not working, email us at support (at) convozine.com so we can prioritize fixes.


How do I add pictures?

You can upload pictures during convo creation or later in the edit mode.   


When posting words/images, click the red [Add Images+] button:


When sharing a link, you can select the thumbnail when they are auto-detected from the link.  


Protip: if you can always upload more images, or replace the thumbnail, by clicking edit on the convo later.


In edit mode, you will see the option to upload images.  Click [ADD IMAGES+] to open the image uploader.   Then click the + sign in the photo slot to add an image.  


Protip: whichever image is first (on left) will be the thumbnail image for the convo.



What are convos?

Convos are user posts that can include text, images, links, embedded videos and comments.  When they are published in a zine, they also accept awards from readers.    It's the basic vehicle for publishing your stories, photos, art, links, etc on Convozine.   Currently, they most resemble articles such as you would see in a magazine or blog.   In the future, they will support additional types of interactions such as Q&A, polls, media specific presentations, etc.    


What are zines?

Zines look like online magazines and function as community sites.   Many editors can curate a zine together.   For most zines, an unlimited number of people can join and participate — by contributing posts, leaving comments, giving awards and joining community discussions.   Zines can also be set to be private, where only members can participate, and membership can be open or closed.    


How do I get my zine into the explorer?


Check out this article.


How do I find convos?  How do people find my convos?

The site is organized primarily as a network of zines.   Join and participate in the zines that interest you.    When you are ready to publish your convos, submit them to the zines where they make sense.   Each zine will have it's own criteria and submission rules, so check those first.


How do I share a convo outside of Convozine?

Each convo has a permanent URL that can be cut/pasted.   You can also click on the share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, email, etc on each convo.


What are some tips to make better convos?

Check out these tips:




How do I add a link to my convo?

In edit mode, select a line of text you would like to turn into a hyperlink.   Click the  button in the editor toolbar and paste in the URL for the link.   Here is an example of a link that comes back to this page:




Who are we?

We are a group of photographers, designers, writers and engineers in San Francisco.  About us.

Answer added for: How do I share videos?
08.18.11 •
I have looked at the zines clicked to join several zines ? How do you actually add pictures to the zine ? are you supposed to wait to be accepted to the zine ? or am i just being a bit thick and missing something obveous ?
08.24.11 •
comment deleted: 10.29.11
Is there any way to add one convo to multiple Zines?
09.29.11 •
Yes, you can submit a convo to any number of zines. Join the zines and click the [+Post to Zine] button in each.
09.29.11 •
How do I block a user (Antonio D'Onofrio) from posting to my Zine (ColorPOP)? This user continues to post non related advertisements.


11.24.11 •
comment deleted: 11.24.11
Sorry to hear that. Click Manage Zine -> Members -> Demote to Subscriber. This will allow the user to see the zine posts, but not be able to post.
11.24.11 •
hi i was wondering how i can post photos into a zine from my ipad.
is it possible? can upload from my imac but not the ipad.
11.25.11 •
Unfortunately, no, image upload is not supported on the iPad.
11.25.11 •
How do I choose another zine as my Profile zine? I prefer "The Real World" to be my Profile Zine. In fact, I wouldn't mind if the one that is currently set as my Profile zine is deleted and "The Real World" stand solo.
11.27.11 •
Hi Janine, each profile zine is special for it's account and cannot be swapped out with another zine. Everything you post, regardless of where you contribute, will appear in your profile zine.
11.29.11 •
I'm new. How do I change a cover image? I've tried several times and the same one keeps appearing. Thanks, Roger ?
11.29.11 •
Sometimes, it takes a little while for the caching servers to update the image shown. If it's still not working, could you email the zine URL to info@convozine.com? Thanks.
11.29.11 •
Thanks Joseph! You answered my question! Appreciated! Roger ?
11.30.11 •
comment deleted: 02.15.12
comment deleted: 02.15.12
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