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My Addiction - My Gift; My Curse

Apr 17, 2012 • 0 comments • 2853 views

My addiction - My Gift; My Curse


Our Comment Contest Winner, Nadine Maritz's article is here! It's amazing so read on!


“My addiction - My Gift; My Curse” is a story written on two levels. The novel begins during the main character's current existence and expands to include her review of the life she’s led since the day she was transformed. It is circular rather than linear and certain events alluded to or described at the beginning of the book gain a deeper significance once the entire novel has been read.


Readers glean an insight into Snare's character and current state of mind and, separate to that – in the main story - the reader is taken on a journey of reflection.


This is the first novel of a series. It therefore also serves as an introduction to the different characters and gives the reader an insight into their backgrounds, emotions and circumstances, paving the way for the action to come in the rest of the series.


It's a modern, contemporary story, told in a way that people can relate to easily.  The series is set predominantly in Africa yet it has universal appeal, and the plot takes on one richly rendered excursion to the Old World and other parts of the New.


It is an interesting bilingual read which is a feature that adds to rather than detracts from the theme.

“My addiction - My Gift; My Curse” was created to be a compelling yet light read that allows the reader to escape into a completely new world.


It's the start of a circle that has to be completed.



As explained above there are two timelines to consider within the first novel. In this special feature I decided to put something on paper that would give readers a bit more insight towards the timelines within story.

2020 Timeline

The 2020 timeline mostly deals with the main characters self-discovery which is based on the journey an addict would take towards preservation. In our main characters instance her addiction was love, eternal love - and the journey she is going through at coping with loss.

a.    Step 1 - Admitting that there is a problem.

b.    Step 2 - Wanting to do something to change that problem.

c.    Step 3 - Sustaining from the problem.

d.    Step 4 - Enduring.

e.    Step 5 - Prevailing.


In our main characters case, she is thrown back into the depression that put her there in the first case. Her thirst for eternal, enduring overzealous companionship. 

Like a true addict, it sometimes takes a couple of times to kick the habit and to conquer a continued depression. It also reflects on the fact that it takes two people to make something work and that things are seldom what just the one person envisions it to be.

2001 / 2002 timeline

The backdrop timeline starts off in the prologue. The short piece was created in order to give the reader a bit of background information on the narrator – it focuses on the time prior to her change. It creates question as readers are left questioning the motivation behind her family’s death.


The 2001 and 2002 back drop holds the adventure.

Readers get to understand why the narrator reacts the way she does. They are taken on a journey where they travel the world - meet up with new and interesting characters whilst researching basic vampire history. The narrator goes through a slight transformation of rediscovery. She literally falls into love with what we can only describe as the modern day European Vampire. Her appearance in Spain however causes multiple ripples which leads them into untrusted waters. Without prior warning they are exposed to vigorous villains. 

Questions are asked about why the narrator was created, where she came from. The conclusion becomes clear that a war is imminent. In order to restrict the impact of such a war they seek refuge in Antarctica. They want to avoid influencing the human population.

The finality of it all makes things clear. The narrator has a bigger purpose, one she undoubtedly never asked for.   


The writer’s mission:


In this series the writer aims to bring various African aspects into her novel. They consist of the following:


1.   A South African Tattoo artist that will be adding character to the novel. The idea is to create a graphic illustration at the beginning of each chapter that will capture something within the specific chapter.


2.   The mention of various South African music artists.


3.   The descriptions / names of different South African actors.


4.   The bilingual language that is used throughout the novel.


5.   Descriptions on South Africa and some heritage.


For more information on the novel/s you can go to: http://my-addictionbooks.blogspot.com/

“Being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming”



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