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What is Drama Free Tea?

Jan 17, 2012 • 0 comments • 2269 views


What is Drama Free Tea?

Drama Free Tea is the resident relationship and advice guru that will be dispensing the "Tea" weekly on What's Up With That Online Magazine.  Tiffany Rashel is the person behind the DFT that will add a little extra for our subscribers. Not just another advice columnist, DFT will be dispensing her RAW truth with humor and love.  The definition of "the Tea" is that golden info that you just didn't know you couldn't live without. The Tea is designed not to preach, but to prepare.  DFT often advises youth as well as adults in many aspects of life and it's little quirks that can seemingly stump and deter us. Not afraid to issue a cyber "slap" where needed, she still offers a safe haven for anyone that is looking for it. DFT listens and let you know that "it's ok" to be who you are - even when others don't agree, it's okay to make mistakes - we all do, and it's ok not to know all the answers - no one does.  
Here's a brief look into Tiffany's mind:
1. What made you want to give others advise? 
As far back as I can remember, I have always been sought out for advice.  When I was in the 7th grade, I was the class counselor -lol. It makes me feel good to help people.

2.When was the first time you thought about creating Drama Free Tea?
I adopted the name "Drama Free T" about 10 years ago after a particularly challenging time in my life. I decided that I would be Drama Free from then on.  Years later, the name evolved to encompass the advice that I would give to others for their lives to be "Drama Free".  I'm an avid tea drinker and tea is usually associated with wisdom and relaxation - so it seemed to fit.

3. Why do you think that What's Up With That! is a suitable place for Drama Free Tea?
Well, the majority of the audience for WUWTOM is young with questions about life, or a young with a little experience and bigger questions about life.  Either way, both are generally looking for some answers - that maybe they can't get from their parents or are just afraid to ask. I offer non-judgmental answers, and freedom of being anonymous with a touch of humor and 100 honesty.

4.How do you know exactly what to say to help others with their problems? 
Mostly because I LISTEN to what is being said before I speak.  I draw from past experiences and from being a mother too.  Sometimes it just comes to me and it works.  My words always come from my heart.
5. Do you think that this is your calling?
This is DEFINITELY my calling. I believe everyone has unique gifts, talents, and purpose.  I have been fortunate enough to find mine.
We here at WUWTOM truly want our readers to view us as a resource center and believe your experience will be enhanced by being able to "talk" about those subjects that interest you.  Please logon to WUWTOM at wordpress to send us any questions or subjects you would like to see addressed in the upcoming issues of WUWTOM. No subject is off limits, and while all letters may not be addressed on the page, we will make an effort to answer every one.  We did a little intereview with DFT to help you get to know her just a little better.  Enjoy!
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