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Breaking Dawn Part 1 - Post-Movie

Jan 10, 2012 • 0 comments • 3077 views


Breaking Dawn Part 1 – Post –Movie

Here we are readers, the first article of 2012. Are you excited? I know I am. New cover, new designs for twitter and wordpress, and new age. I’m 18 now! So let’s get down to business. Breaking Dawn Part 1…


Now, I don’t know about you but…don’t kill me…the movie was exaggerated in the commercials. Breaking Dawn was in fact not the best movie of the year. If any of you disagree with me, then you clearly haven’t seen any other movies last year. But I’m not here to bash the movie because, of course, I still loved it. However, I felt as if I saw it already because I’ve read the book a million times over. But there were some awesome twists and not to mention the much-anticipated birth process of Renesmee. I know that most of you were looking forward to the wedding but, frankly, Kim Kardashian’s wedding was more beautiful.  With the birth scene though…it had me shying away from almost all of it; it was so gruesome and grotesque but I still couldn’t look away. I didn’t think that it was possible for it to be any more disturbing than in the book but of course it was; seeing believes. But let’s not skip to the end too quickly…time to rewind. Let’s start from the beginning. So there’s this girl named Bella who moved to Forks…oops, too far. So there’s Bella practicing to walk in stilettos…much better. I’ve assembled a Q&A for this part.


1.       What was the most romantic part of the movie?

This is the most obvious answer and it's really similar to the next question. Of course it was the wedding. Come on... Her dress was beautiful - even though I would have preferred the one from the nightmare -  and the scene was awesome. I just thought that they would never stop kissing.


2. What was the most touching scene?

You've guessed it! At first I thought it was the part where Jacob danced with Bella at the wedding but look at Edwards face in this scene. He'd thought that his own baby was a monster and suddenly... Sighs, the power of mind reading. You probably can't tell how happy he is here but Edward has proven that his poker face is unbeatable.


3. Which was the most awkward part of this movie?

Now, I know the book explains it well but for me, the most awkward part was Jacob imprinting on Renesmee. I just didn't know how to feel. Whether to say 'gross she's a baby!' or 'awww he'll always protect her'. As a writer I should make a note...never let teenage boys fall in love with babies.


4. What was the most disturbing part?

I was torn for a while. I'm doing my best to pick only one scene for each question. But I just didn't know if it was worse to see Bella so pale and sick with Renesmee or was it worse to watch the birth process. So I just had to pick the birth process. The blood, the cutting sound...ugh...all of it was just horror movie horrible. From the time Bella's body started to flail to the part where Bella but stopped moving completely. But this brings us to the next question.


5. Which was the saddest moment?

When Bella dies. Unfortunately I don't have a picture for that. Now I don't know if her death was the sad part or if it was really the pain Jacob was in. I was a little in doubt about whether Edward could save her but I've read the book. But seeing the way Jacob just...sigh...no explanation.


6. What was the funniest scene?

Let's get away from the sadness and into the funny. Did you really listen to what Jessica was saying in her to speech? Was it really a speech or was it a jealous rant. Was I the only one that was like 'Wow, that's one jealous chick?' It was almost like she was drunk...I shouldn't say almost, she probably was.


7. Most annoying person...

Definitely Leah Clearwater. I just don't like her! Her voice is always in a sickening complaining tone. I know she's bitter because of Sam and Emily but can't she do it when she's alone. Damn that chick is annoying. I really would like to know if ANYONE disagrees with me...who is more annoying than Leah Clearwater.


8. Cutest person...

Renesmee was cute...sure...and we all know how she's going to look in part 2...sure...but this is about part one...right...and in part one, Renesmee was still a new-born and they all practically look the same. Now, we all know Seth Clearwater...yeah we do...and even though Leah is his sister...sighs yeah...he's still the cutest thing in the movie...heck yeah...am I right or am I right. I know I'm right! Look at him.


9. What was the coolest part of the movie?

The coolest part was when Bella was about to awaken as her vampire self. Everything began to heal and stuff...she even mystically got some make up on. Then her eyes opened and *tada* red vamped eyes. Now that what I'm talking about.


10. Last but not least...what was the most unexpected scene in the movie?

I had anticipated not the fight between Sam's pack and Jacob's. Was that even in the book? It wasn't and it was an exciting scene but it was just unexpected. I guess I still should have seen it coming.


Okay guys, so that the Q&A. I'm looking forward to all of your answers for these questions so please comment at wordpress.com. Also look forward to the Character References for the vampire visitors of part 2. Every day until next week's post, there will be new link starting tomorrow.


The Vampires with the (*) have special powers...it will be fun to remember or learn what they are!


Today weare doing the Amazons:

Judith Shekoni - Zafrina*

Tracey Heggins - Senna


Sorry these are so late...

The Denalis:

Casey LaBow - Kate*

MyAnna Buring - Tanya

Maggie Grace - Irina

Mía Maestro - Carmen

Christian Camargo - Eleazar*


The Irish:

Marlane Barnes - Maggie*

Lisa Howard - Siobhan*

Patrick Brennan - Liam


The Egyptians:

Omar Metwally - Amun

Andrea Gabriel - Kebi

Rami Malek - Benjamin*

Angela Sarafyan - Tia


The Romanians:

Guri Weinberg - Stefan

Noel Fisher - Vladimir


The American Normads:

Lee Pace - Garrett

Toni Trucks - Mary

Erik Odom - Peter

Valorie Curry - Charlotte

Bill Tangradi - Randall


The European Normads:

Joe Anderson - Alistair*




So now you know What's Up With That! Share us and share with us. We love you all. And Happy 2012!

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