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More Chrome (other escalator stills)

Mar 15, 2012 • 9 comments • 1667 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

The deeper you sink into the underground, the less sound you can hear, the less love you can feel ; light becomes grey and people become zombies... Zombie! in frame 3 - Nikon D3100_18-55 VR Nikkor Wide Angle_ISO3200_black & white high contrast edited in View NX2

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Sombre Frames


A beautiful obsession.
03.16.12 •
Thank you so much Hector, I am a little obsessed... with tunnels and escalators =)
03.17.12 •
super crisp splendid shots
03.18.12 •
imagery obsession... cameraleavia - the fear of not having a camera when confronted by potentially extraordinary imagery... photographer - a person who sees the world around them as imagery, or pictures, and stores the things that captured their attention in a sort of a schedule... then waits for the right light. - these are great shots eric
03.18.12 •
Thank you Tom, Much appreciated comment. I have gathered much inspiration through the last two seasons by watching the work of my fellow Convoziners and applied it to my Tunnels concept. Communities make great art.
03.19.12 •
Great set. The silver is fantastic. So polished and clinical. There is a deep coldness about it too.
03.18.12 •
Thank you Kurt. This place has a synthetic coldness no doubt ; monochrome and contrast editing helped amplify this steel cold atmosphere.
03.19.12 •
The first and second are the best for me. Absolute strict B&W range, feels like we are being transported into The Zone. My eyes are excited by all the lights and action in the greys, blacks, whites.

Great series!
03.21.12 •
Thank you Marianna. This series was a lot of fun to shoot and edit. The contrasts between bright lights and dark grey walls is what does the trick
03.21.12 •
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