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A sky tunnel and one slow lady

Feb 25, 2012 • 4 comments • 630 views
Huge Huge Huge

One rare sky tunnel in the underground network of tunnels ; linking the congress hall and ChinaTown, the end of this stretch of glass and concrete tube sinks back into the underground city. The slow lady snaps out of frame 2 if you want her to...

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Hail the great chronicler of Montreal's tunnels!
02.25.12 •
:) Chronicler of Montreal's Tunnels! I love that! Maybe I'll turn this idea into a blog... thank you Hector!
02.25.12 •
a tunneller of montreal chronicles - wonderful capture - to people or not to people...
02.26.12 •
Tunneller, love it! It's going into my Bio. :) Thanks! Very happy you joined Tunnels Tom
02.27.12 •
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