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The Curse

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 07/21/14

   What a story I have in store for you. A story full of beginnings and ends  Mystery Truth  And dispair.   In this marvelous world    Ancient stories were waiting to be  told. Told to the dreamers And to the children with the hearts full of wonder.   This marvelous world was full of vibrant colors,   Greens             Blues And reds                                                                                               Just full of beauty.   Monkeys were swinging Left                 to                     right     From branch to branch. Vivid colored birds were flying while the wind began to whisper “Come witness this magnificent waterfall”   The trees started to dance, waving their branches. Near the waterfall I saw you standing with your back facing me                   waiting. Your hair was as black as coal and your robes were white as snow.   Every time I got near you the distance between us extended  I felt like I could never reach you.   You finally looked at me and your gaze pierced my                                                                  heart.   Something unexpected began to happen.   Monkeys and  birds began to make noises that would make your ears bleed. Their eyes began to glow a fiery red.   I felt a shake throughout my body and as I looked down at my hands I began to see what was happening   I was becoming one of his statues.   This figure tricked me This figure in front of me was not at all that magnificent, he    deceived                     me.   His hair was full of eyeballs from his victims His robes were white with the souls he had captured during the centuries. Before this dream like world that this figure made I was free, but now I’m a prisoner.   I should have known I should have   Ran             Ran                         Ran Passed the gates and never looked back. I was misled,                                                   I was deceived. Now I’ m a statue in this magnificent world    telling the trees that are growing around me my life stories, my once hopes and dreams. Birds and monkeys continue to fly and   swing, bringing more living beings in to this world to be deceived. If I could whisper to the wind I will tell it to say these words,   “Run             Run                         Run Pass the gates and never look back”.

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The Dads In Their Caravans

tom unsworth | 0 comments | 05/13/14

  The dads in their caravans, all in a row In the place where the dads go Far away, enough…


Raw Madness

The Red Wolf | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Image by IndigoArms: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/     Blow, Wind, Blow! For you don't know That I’m already cold.   Even with…


Numeric Language

Matt Lawson | 0 comments | 03/25/14

What reward do we see in words? Language is woe, the Eskimo snow fiasco shows frozen condensation condemned tongues to…


Dragon Fruit

tom unsworth | 1 comment | 03/25/14

Dragon Fruit   The dragon is a ferocious beast He eats people just for fun So if ever you see…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Poor Wear what’s wearable Think in terms of what’s bearable Like once, before   Poverty costs more Pennies poured into…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Scrabble   Scrabble dabble idjut babble Word games played for more Than the standard set up Of two to four…


Attached By Many Strings

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 03/25/14

          You are a part of me   Your hopes and dreams     The good…


The Flower Child

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 03/25/14

                               The Flower Child was spoil…



tom unsworth | 10 comments | 03/25/14

They laugh, mums When we talk of how we can’t have a bath Well, we can, but it takes an…

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