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Only you...

Rola Al-Ghoul | 0 comments | 03/25/14

On my tongue my words don’t rhyme My days pass...I’m stuck in time Thoughts of me in peaceful  flow Escape my dreams from long ago My head rings with glaring sirens On my mind there’s piercing silence In my heart there’s black and blue  In my eyes there’s only you

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Raw Madness

The Red Wolf | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Image by IndigoArms: http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/     Blow, Wind, Blow! For you don't know That I’m already cold.   Even with…


Numeric Language

Matt Lawson | 0 comments | 03/25/14

What reward do we see in words? Language is woe, the Eskimo snow fiasco shows frozen condensation condemned tongues to…


Dragon Fruit

tom unsworth | 1 comment | 03/25/14

Dragon Fruit   The dragon is a ferocious beast He eats people just for fun So if ever you see…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Poor Wear what’s wearable Think in terms of what’s bearable Like once, before   Poverty costs more Pennies poured into…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Scrabble   Scrabble dabble idjut babble Word games played for more Than the standard set up Of two to four…


Attached By Many Strings

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 03/25/14

          You are a part of me   Your hopes and dreams     The good…


The Flower Child

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 03/25/14

                               The Flower Child was spoil…



tom unsworth | 10 comments | 03/25/14

They laugh, mums When we talk of how we can’t have a bath Well, we can, but it takes an…

  10/10/13   The Eastern Gray Squirrel flies from Boxwood to power line to fetch for her blossoming batch. This…

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