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The mighty tree

Rola Al-Ghoul | 0 comments | 10/31/15

He gave me a seed He said: “Plant it in your earth and let it be Let me feed it of your love Let me quench it with your gently flowing tears Let me grow it for us both, full of life and full of fears Let me watch you watch it grow, every branch and every leaf Till you and it melt into one…single root and single seed And then… watch me burn it to the ground, every stem and every leaf Till you and I become but none, you fade to smoke and I just leave…”

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The Shores of Adelaide

Laura Freeman | 0 comments | 02/16/15

Your sirens call of lies, Were beacons for my delusions, A blank message in a bottle, Cast upon the dark…



Rola Al-Ghoul | 0 comments | 01/19/15

It was a beautiful quiet night. He looked at me with his big blue eyes They devoured me like the…


The Curse

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 07/21/14

   What a story I have in store for you. A story full of beginnings and ends  Mystery Truth  And…


The Dads In Their Caravans

tom unsworth | 0 comments | 05/13/14

  The dads in their caravans, all in a row In the place where the dads go Far away, enough…


Numeric Language

Matt Lawson | 0 comments | 03/25/14

What reward do we see in words? Language is woe, the Eskimo snow fiasco shows frozen condensation condemned tongues to…


Dragon Fruit

tom unsworth | 1 comment | 03/25/14

Dragon Fruit   The dragon is a ferocious beast He eats people just for fun So if ever you see…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Poor Wear what’s wearable Think in terms of what’s bearable Like once, before   Poverty costs more Pennies poured into…


tom unsworth | 0 comments | 03/25/14

Scrabble   Scrabble dabble idjut babble Word games played for more Than the standard set up Of two to four…


Attached By Many Strings

Jennifer Adejobi | 0 comments | 03/25/14

          You are a part of me   Your hopes and dreams     The good…

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