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The Exsiccation Melody

Mar 31, 2012 • 1 comment • 1791 views

small drifts in dark hues of gray
under dim fog of dust
and walloping din to remind us


scenic arrays with white peaks and blue Sound
torpid, lethargic, bunumbed, and repose
sitting under the burden, await


sprouting out of a dimple in its bubblesome scape
three sober spires adorn a trepid prosaic beside such renown
the only resplendent One to fix our gazes upon


and there standing bold admidst the splendorious scene
Her guard of invariable knights
who stand and face their Queen


scattered on valley, on slope, and plateau
the earliest motions of new gathered strength
equanimity rises, and then


we breathe the air that now blows through
the crannies of our stagnant caves
at long last we can emerge


though it dampened our goings
back and forth and to the sea
the budded Blossom dries atop, suppressed benignity!


the sweetest chirp on wing and sea
invigorates mirth, merriment, and glee
blitheness, laughter, wit, and hope


bright jocularity
lit on me, lit on me, lit on me!


by Blake Edwards, February 2006

Also appears in:



slightly irregular

just a comment on the picture: I'd like to think it's blurred. both amusing and magical effects!
12.16.12 •
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