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The inquisitive

Feb 24, 2012 • 10 comments • 1597 views

This image was taken in Liguria, during siesta. I was intriqued by the expression on the face of this old man as he was measuring up all passers-by.

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Well, Anna, this one is quite difficult to criticize. Good exposure, good focus and depth of field and excellent composition. Tones seem very balanced to me. If I must find a critic, I would say that I find the subject framed slightly too tight and the light on his face could be brighter. But honestly I feel it is an excellent portrait.
As for the message and how it is conveyed, I think the photograph strikes straight to the point ; this man is a curious character
02.25.12 •
Thank you Éric! It is very valuable comment: more light on his face from the left would be great (unfortunately he was sitting in the shade, not that it is any excuse) and I will check if I cropped the image at all, normally I prefer composing the image within the frame tightly in camera, which I have been already told is not necessarily the wisest thing to do, as we see here.
02.25.12 •
"So I'm sitting there, no sign of Frankie, and I see this woman, pointing a camera at me. I think like, what aM I supposed to do? Do I put up a hand, you know, cover my face? Maybe I should just point at her, shake my finger, no, or just mouth the word. She's got this big lens so she can see me pretty good. So I get this feeling, sort of like stage fright, and I'm about to turn away, the only thing I can think of, and she pushes the button."
"You heard it?"
"Yeah, ok so she's got the big lens but she's not so far away I can't hear it. Click, just like that."
"One shot?"
"Yeah, one shot. Click..."
"So what did you do?"
"What could I do? She had it already. I mean she didn't look like police, or the Dattoris. But now I'm thinking, what if Frankie shows she's still there with the camera?"
"Get's a nice picture of you with your Sig out, click click bang bang?"
"Exactly. Exhibit one your honour, is a photograph taken by..."
"Yeah, I get it. So what'd you do?"
"Like I said, what could I do? I waited for Frankie, one eye on the street and one eye on the woman with the camera. I see Frankie she's still there, so I said hey lady..."

Great photo - nice balance - brilliant wrinkles and hands
02.29.12 •
Tom, I can see, you are gonna be a lotta fun to be around with here on this zine... :)

Thank you for your unusually creative commentary - I have no words...!
02.29.12 •
Great shot, the light very nicely handled, especially in the background — and now impossible to see from any other point of view than Tom's.
03.01.12 •
A classic.
04.18.12 •
I wouldn't say the man's merely curious. I'd like to think his distrust leads curiosity to a more profound focus. Scrutinizing passersby isn't the only thought that bumps into my mind. I think he's also a pensive man whose curiosity is mixed with some retro-vigilance :-)
12.16.12 •
Thanks, Federica! I think you pretty much described my thoughts when I took this photo... :-D
01.04.13 •
Can't add more than the other commentators - excellent portrait and very well framed. If I hadn't read Eric's critique (which now I can agree with), I would say perfect! Good job !
04.22.13 •
Thank you for your "no comment comment", Marianna - and sorry for the late response - got so entangled in work lately!
06.25.13 •
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