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Apr 14, 2012 • 8 comments • 1305 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

another 5.30 start, with the city clear as a bell - but out in the fields "fog", and about 20 metres visibility - still, had a mooch, and investigated a few tree arrangements - as with all foggy compositions i think they have a slightly mystical flavour, thus the play on words

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The Poetic

The fog does change the nature of your landscapes drastically ; yet you have not worked the land as you would have without it. Nice adaptation to the fog Tom. I like this series a lot, trees are knowledgeably placed and focus is very crisp, nice work.
04.14.12 •
I'm dying here! The fog adds a whole new layer to this set of pictures. Please send them my way!
04.14.12 •
thanks eric - knowing the climate in england it shouldn't be too long before i have some more to add - karen, here's myst for you, sent with pleasure and appreciation - enjoy
04.14.12 •
Thank you Tom! Such a delightful series and I really love the third photo and the contrast between the trees and the fog in the distance. I'm jealous of your fog, we don't get much fog here in Texas.
04.14.12 •
i'm fascinated by the texan landscape, have been ever since i saw paris texas - in fact, i would say that film was one of the earliest influences on my artistic tendencies, if you want to call them that. anyway, my impression is one of vast distances and emptiness, scattered bits of humanity here and there, and cloudless sky. i've looked at a lot of landscape photography featuring different parts of arid america, and likewise, i too am jealous of your environment. i loved your set "dry", surprised me to see trees and grasses in texas, didn't fit with how the english imagine that part of the world. fog's fine by the way, except it doesn't do much if you've set out to photograph the wider landscape and explore colours and compositional relationships, other than on a very limited scale - plus it's goddam dangerous in a work obsessed world where everybody's doing seventy on the country roads.
04.14.12 •
These are stunning photos Tom!
04.16.12 •
thanks christopher - they were a compromise, but a happy one
04.17.12 •
#8 could be from a scene in a Tim Burton film :)
12.09.12 •
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