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Welcome to Pripyat

Apr 12, 2012 • 6 comments • 4824 views

The ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine as seen from the city's derelict hotel. Pripyat was evacuated shortly after the explosion of Reactor 4 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. 

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Like the subdued color scheme here and the focal point is great - specifically how that ramp on the right guides the viewer to the center.

Did you have to take one of those special guided tours to get to Pripyat? I hear, it's quite a business to give tours around the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant. Wonder, when the Fukushima tours will start.
04.12.12 •
Fascinating, very well done. Quite Sombre. Feel free to join and submit to http://convozine.com/sombreframes
04.13.12 •
Lingering horror
04.14.12 •
So desolate. Very haunting. The emotional content to the disaster is very pure here.
On an artistic and presentation level- the colour and atmosphere used is brilliant.
04.15.12 •
This simply makes me drool with envy. I would love to experience a place like this.
05.01.12 •
I would love to visit at some point. Such a fascinating bit of very relevant history.
06.11.12 •
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