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Apr 25, 2012 • 6 comments • 396 views

I shot this one in 2002 and never failed to giggle like a kid everytime we passed it.  The part that got me is that he looks so happy about it!

I die!

Luckily it just FEELS right!

I wonder if the advertising department that came up with this is still around?

04.25.12 •
Y'know.. I don't gamble.. and I haven't a clue about the game of craps.. but the wording was just.. bad. haha
04.25.12 •
funnier with every viewing - and the billboard's "clear channel"!?!
04.26.12 •
I didn't think it was possible to add another layer to this — epic.
04.26.12 •
Haaaa, hilarious!
04.27.12 •
Good one!
04.28.12 •
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