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Yellow Fever Warning

Feb 21, 2012 • 7 comments • 1259 views

In 1878, Yellow Fever nearly destroyed Memphis, TN.  Of the 80% of people who didn't flee, a quarter of them died.  Entire sections of cemeteries here are filled with the victims. 

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Sombre Frames

WOW on several levels.
02.21.12 •
I agree ; massive impact ; quite Sombre. Could you submit to Sombre Frames Heather, I would love to feature it.
02.21.12 •
Thank you. I shall post it over there, Eric.
02.21.12 •
Lingering horror
02.22.12 •
Heather, this is amazing! Yellow fever played a huge part in American history and this sign is a tangible piece of that history. I'm trying to give you an award and it won't let me and this is my zine!
02.23.12 •
Thanks Karen.
02.24.12 •
very interesting...dramatic.
02.24.12 •
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