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Angel of The North

May 17, 2012 • 3 comments • 431 views
That is quite a striking Image Kurt. What is that? Great capture and framing, dramatic light and nice grain
05.18.12 •
I saw this great capture, right before going to bed. Being too sleepy to write a proper comment, I assigned the award and stumbled to bed:-)

I like the overall feeling of the shot, very strong in B&W. As for the framing; I like the centered subject, a bit much dead space in the upper part of picture, but definitely award worthy.

With Éric, I wonder... What is it? And why does it ring a bell?

Thanks for your contribution, Kurt!
05.18.12 •
Thanks guys. And Thanks for the awards! It's the Angel of the North, which is a massive statue near where I live in north-east England. This is a bit of an obsure angle to her.. from the side and under her wing... this is what she normally looks like - http://www.angelofthenorth.org.uk/
05.18.12 •
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