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Close Encounters of the third Kind (the labs)

Feb 7, 2012 • 8 comments • 1907 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

In the close encounter, when the light turns very bright, you know then... that you are real close.

Also appears in:

Surrealist editions



Equally beautiful and creepy!
02.07.12 •
Thank you Karen, I'm happy you like them and that you think they are creepy. Your perception is much appreciated!
02.08.12 •
I think this series is more Kubrick than Spielberg, but it's extremely cool…it's a metaphor for a world that bleaches your soul right out of you.
02.09.12 •
True that Douglas ; I could have called it '2001 A Space Odyssey'. I certainly have a huge Kubrick influence and it can be seen in much of my work.
02.09.12 •
Eric, would you mind submitting this also to my other zine, Photo Stories? I like the visual exploration these multiple images take of the tunnel, the mood...
02.09.12 •
Certainly DC. With pleasure.
02.09.12 •
Thanks! Featured with pride.
02.09.12 •
So Kind, all the pride is mine, best regards
02.10.12 •
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