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Busking - Cynthia and the Financial District

Sep 1, 2011 • 1 comment • 781 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

Amidst the usual sounds of the city – foot traffic, car horns and the rustle of steel – there’s Cynthia's B-flat Soprano saxophone. “It’s that killer moment. After some big noise – like a car crash or some sirens – where that sweet note is still lingering,” she says.


“I’ve gotten pretty good playing with all of that in the background.”


Seven years ago, Cynthia was tired of playing in house bands, so she became a traveling troubadour as a sort of joke. She gets around just fine without a car, squeezing her saxophone, keyboard, amp, and microphone onto the bus.


“It’s good down here, because I play straight jazz and the older crowd tends to have more money,” she says as she sits off of Flower, between 5th and 6th Avenue, with her sandals kicked off so her toes can press down on the keyboard. A courier’s bike clicks as it passes by, there are the men in suits and women in high heels, all while idling taxis honk their horns. For a moment, Cynthia’s take on Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life” is washed out, but she continues to play. And after her surroundings settle down, her notes are doing just fine.

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