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Swimmers in Shi Cha Hai

Jul 30, 2011 • 0 comments • 845 views
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Shi Cha Hai is one of the oldest area of Beijing, China. The name has its origin in an ancient Buddhist legend and it means ten temples around the middle of the universe.
Shi Cha Hai is an inner lake, which is surrounded by many former royal houses. Nowadays it became the front line of fashion and youth culture where can be found night bares and restaurants everywhere near the lake.
For old citizens of Beijing, swimming in Shi Cha Hai is always an important summer lifestyle, no matter how fast the city is being transformed. Shi Cha Hai preserves the last memories of the old Beijing and citizens love it. Swimmers will come to Shi Cha Hai every summer and that will never change from generation to generation.

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