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Jul 22, 2011 • 0 comments • 992 views

This is a statu of a young girl maybe a magic exotic women from a forest,and it was the last remain subject in the shop,as it was closed permantly,because the crisis.

The girl  stend there as a contradiction to the demolution of everything in our era.

Next to wires ,boxes,dust,things of  today.I read the picture as a statement ,that nature beauty will be for ever ,strong,restless,fearless,against the hunger of today,the stress(the men passing on bycicle),untuchble.

After a week ,it was still there,and i was glade to know that the antiqurie,register  a new shop one hundred metres, from the girl with the can of water.Contrasts of feelings is one of the most crusial procession to have the curiosity to understande the world by the fine art of photography.

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