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Occupy Wall Street: The Faces of a Movement.

Nov 7, 2011 • 9 comments • 1882 views
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From Oct 28th through November 5th, in New York City, at Zuccotti Park.

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Which city(s) are these from?
11.07.11 •
My mistake, I forgot to specify. This is all in NYC. I'll edit it to reflect that.
11.07.11 •
Like NYC general image in the media I am so tired of these portrayals. Occupy Wall Street is not diverse , that is why they have organizations like Occupy the Hood to get non Whites en mass into the Occupy Movement.
Like the Tea Party, the Occupiers are mostly a white organization in rank, but different in social concerns. In truth, if Occupy Wall Street is honest, they will end the lies of American nationalism, end the lies of colored racial equality. Black is not equal to White in the system and showing White people and Black people stand together will not change that. Right above Wall Street in Manhattan, HArlem, a former mostly Black community, was destroyed by Whites.
When most Black people of HArlem wanted to keep White people out, where was this respect for diversity and face of NYC that Occupy Wall Street professes?
Until the different demographs in New York city, New York State, and every State within the Union are given their proper respect and space from each other, to the betterment of all, will any real mass movement be possible, and not just media imagery.
11.12.11 •
Man, I'm not the media. If I was the media, then I wouldn't be flat on my ass broke. I just took pictures of the people that I saw. No, not everybody is white. I think that's a complete falsehood. Maybe you just see what you'd like, or maybe you haven't been there. I don't know how it started, but there is generally a pretty varied group of people.

A lot of people have a lot of issues that they're trying to tackle. There's a group that I've worked with, a group I got arrested for, that is fighting racist Stop and Frisk policies in NYC. If you would like to join us at 1pm, on the 19th, in Jamaica Queens, then you are very much welcome.

Nobody likes gentrification, except rich property managers and corporations. I don't like it, you don't like it, so, what do we do about it? Bitching isn't going to solve these problems. A lot of demographics are coming together, whether political, racial, or economic. So, what are you going to do about this, or are you just an armchair protester?

Excuse my tone, but I don't like being boxed into myopic worldviews. Racism sucks, discrimination sucks, there isn't the appreciable equality that there should be, racism is there, what do we do about it? You talk about the system, but who the hell in OWS LIKES the System?

Also, a note. I didn't go out and take shots, or put the portfolio together with diversity even in mind. I just took shots of what I thought struck me as powerful.
11.13.11 •
Maybe I got a little bit too annoyed. It just boils down to that I know that things really are shit with how our country works. I'm not proud of it. I don't like it. I would love it to change. I want to act to help it change, and hopefully maybe somehow, I can atleast help out? Can't say I'm proud of being white either, but that's what it is, you know. There's a lot of ugliness.

I'm not responsible for OWS as a whole. I do think they're doing something, though. I do think, too, that this is the best we've seen of interdemographic (Might have made up this word,but I like it) relations that we've seen yet in a movement. It's not something to be stifled, killed off, or insulted. We should use this for a greater growth of communities, of us as a people.
11.13.11 •
Very nice composite. represent - I still like that word. Thank you - from Portland OR
11.13.11 •
Thank you!
11.13.11 •
I want to ask one thing - what camera are you using here? I want to capture people's faces that way.
11.20.11 •
Sure. A Sony A700. Though, this probably has more to do with the lens. There's a mixture of lenses in here. Most are from a Sony Carl Zeiss 16-80mm. Those first two shots were from a Nikkor 85mm. That's an old Nikon lens from way back. I'm using it because the Zeiss is out of commission for a bit.

It's just manual focus since it's from a lens adapter, but maybe you could find a really old lens like that for cheap, and use its manual focus and get great results. It's worked really well for me. The Zeiss one is expensive as hell, but I've even had good results with the Sony kit lens. It's really spotty with its sharpness, but sometimes, if you play it right, and play with the sharpness settings in post production, you can get really good results.

Sorry if that really dragged on for a while there.
11.20.11 •
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