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Feb 17, 2012 • 2 comments • 3796 views

Joan always liked the rain, there was something about feeling the raindrops slowly run down her scalp to the small of her back that was invigorating and sensual at the same time. When she lived in Maryland she would spend several minutes in a down pour, waiting to get soaked, enjoying the sensations before they would drift away. After she moved to Tampa, she did not venture out into the rain like she had before. Tampa, being the lightning capital of the world, was not the place for a woman to stand in the open in a thunderstorm. She had to pick and choose her times. Usually, she only ventured out for the winter storms that mostly kept the lightning gods sleeping. Today was a summer day and the gods had seen fit to put on a boxing match in the sky. She watched the big heavy raindrops fall as the thunder shook her house every few seconds or so. She wished to feel those drops explode against her body, to feel them run down her cleavage and under her bra. She found herself fogging up her family room window as she thought of herself in the downpour.


Just as she put her hand underneath her blouse, she saw a flash by where she guessed her mailbox would be. Joan quickly removed her hand and used that hand to clear off the fog she left on the window. There standing next to her mailbox, in the gutter with the rainwater flooding his shoes, was Jon Stacey holding a camera to his face. Joan quickly shut the drapes and threw herself to the floor with her back against the drapes she had just shut. She could feel herself blush as she thought of Jon snapping a picture of her at just the wrong time, well almost. Then she giggled at the thought that, had he waited just a few moments longer, he might have gotten a much more erotic picture. Her giggle stopped as soon as she heard the knock on the door.


In her present state of mind she wondered if she should answer it. She knew the man from two houses down pretty well so it would be a big deal if she refused to answer his thump. There might end up being the odd awkward moment at the grocery store or something. Nothing that should have concerned her too much but it would. The only reason he was knocking, in her mind, was because he hoped to get laid. That is the last thing she wanted.


“Joan?” Came the call from just outside her door. She did not move.


“Look, I am sorry if I surprised or embarrassed you. I will erase the picture if you want me too.”


This is exactly what she wanted.


Without moving from her spot, she shouted “Yes, please, delete it, Jon! Thank you!”


“Ok, gone. I’ll see you later, okay? Again, sorry.”


Joan sat there a moment listening to him walk away before taking a deep breath and getting herself back up. She let the breath back out when she realized exactly what she was going to do. A few quick steps and before she knew it the door was open.


“Hey, Jon” she said a bit more softly than she had intended. It had come out a more like a conversation statement than a shout like she wanted it to.


“Yes?”  He had only made it to her driveway before he was stopped by her voice.


“You wanna come in? For some coffee or something?”


“Would that be a good idea considering what happened?” He asked as he walked towards her.


“Yes. What does it matter anymore anyway? I like you, you like me, let’s have some



“Just coffee?” He raised his right eyebrow in a way that she always loved and hated. She loved how incredibly irresistible it made him look and hated how easily it sparked her desire.


“We’ll talk about it.”


 “Wow” he said once he was standing in the middle of her living room “nothing has change.”


“It has only been like 3 months, Jon.”


“Yeah, but I thought that maybe because the divorce and all you may have changed some things. You know, like, make a fresh start or something.”


“Obviously not.”




“So, what were you doin’ out there? You scared the shit out of me.” Joan said with a smile. She started making her way to the kitchen and the coffee.


“I dunno. Thought I would catch some pictures of the rain hitting different surfaces and stuff. Then I saw you and just snapped the pic before I even thought about it. You looked incredible by the way.”


“I’m sure.”


As Joan watched the coffee drip into the pot she thought of the day that everything changed for her. It had been only a little over three months.  Her husband had come early. Isn’t that how it always happens? Nobody ever should come home early. He had snuck in, hoping to surprise her and he did; he got a surprise himself. She had set up her own little business a few months before that and, of course, she had kept it a secret. The business was simple enough, getting naked for paying customers on-line. During those few months she had taken in quite a bit of money. On the day in question, a high paying regular customer had requested that she use multiple “toys” on multiple body parts at once. Her husband had come in the middle of her performing the request. It took him a few moments to grasp everything that was happening. It took her even longer to realize he was there. Once he did, he grabbed some clothes and a backpack. She never saw him again. Not even for the divorce.


“You want cream or sugar?”


“Yeah, both. Coupla spoonfuls of sugar will be fine.”


“Coming up.”


“So, they said it is going to rain all day.” He said as he sat on her well worn couch with his coffee in his hands.


“I hope so. I love the rain.” She said as she sat down beside him. She tucked her legs in under her as she tried to get the heel of her foot in just the right spot. It took a little shift but she was able to get it there.


“I could tell.” He said with a laugh.


“I know, shameful, huh? It just does something to me. It is hard to describe. Horny is the least of it.” She leaned forward and placed her coffee on the table. A tiny shiver ran through her.




“Easy tough guy. You’re not getting any.” She picked her coffee back up getting wetter as she did. “Mmmmm this coffee is good, don’t you think?”


“Yeah, it is pretty good. So, like, I never have a shot with you? “


“Yep, never. It would be bad form.”


“Not even just a sex type thing?”




“And what do you mean bad form?”


“I mean that you will tell someone. Probably one of the other members and then they will all want a date.” This time when she sat her coffee down, she spun a little his direction. She could barely contain her moan. “I don’t date members.”


“So, I’ll unsubscribe.”


“Sorry, no.”


“So, why did you invite me in then?”


“Obviously not for sex.” She spun a little back towards her original spot and grabbed her coffee. She was getting close now.


“Obviously. So, why?”


“I don’t know, uh, maybe for a little company. It has been ,uh, a long time since I have had anyone inside.”


“Are you okay? Your face is turning all red.”


“I have to go to the, um, bathroom. I’ll be right back.” She spun even more as she got up off the couch. She almost ran into the bathroom. She shut and locked the door, flipped the switch for the fan so that Jon could not her. Also, so he would think she was doing other things. Joan dropped her shorts and panties in one motion then sat on top of the toilet seat. Her middle finger found her spot with its normal ease. With her other hand she slipped her first two fingers inside her. She was wetter than she had been in a long time. Her breaths soon grew shorter as she could feel her orgasm growing. She knew that she should be quiet when it came but she could not control herself. Joan let out a mighty “FUCK!” as her legs shook violently from the climax.


She rested a moment as the shivers continued to course through her. After a few moments, she composed herself, washed her hands and returned to the living room.


“Are you okay?” Jon asked with a little concern. “I thought I heard you scream in there.”


“Yeah, I did. Cramps while I was going to the bathroom. Thank you lucky stars you are a man.”


“Um, okay.”


“Well, I am obviously not feeling well.” She went to the front door and opened it.




“So, you best be on your way.”


“Uh, alright.” He said as he got off the couch and met her at the front door. “Thanks for the coffee, I guess.”


“No problem. We’ll do this again sometime when I am feeling better.” She placed her hand in the small of his back and pushed him out the door.


“Okay, see …” She shut the door before she heard the rest of what he had to say. She walked into her bedroom and turned on her computer.


“Okay, time to get to work.”

Also appears in:

Short Fiction

I didn´t think I would read the story till the end, but I did. For two reasons I like it; of course there is the erotic tension, but the story also portraits the way I perceive current society.

A society in which many people get their kicks without being in real contact - or context for that matter. The ultimate form of safe sex.

Although some of the acts performed at the webcam can hardly be considered safe, now I come to think of it...

It´s sad.
10.19.12 •
Yes it is a little sad. Thanks for the comment.
11.02.12 •
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