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Hello, Darkness

Jan 3, 2012 • 2 comments • 2153 views

Hello, Darkness, come in, make yourself at home. Can I get you anything? Really, nothing? Ok. So, where do we start? Are you staying for awhile or is this just a pop-in? What? Why are you here? You don’t know? Well, it’s a bit of a story; I hope you have some time. All the time in the world, huh? That is not reassuring Darkness, just sayin’.


Anyway, it started about three or so weeks ago, maybe a month. I was sitting in one of those nameless fast food places. You know, they’re all the same. Big something-or-other sandwich was the big menu item, I think. I went there for the wireless or something.  I am sitting there just bangin’ through websites; mostly 'not safe for work' type stuff, you know? I know, I know, there coulda been kids around but there weren’t so what’s the harm in a little titty here or there? I mean they weren’t little titties but you know what I mean, right? Anyway, there I am looking at those titties and I think “How come I never meet these any of these women?” You know, like pretty much all men. But I really started to think about it.  Where does a guy meet these girls? Slovenia? Methadone Clinic? A highway overpass? None of those sounded good to me. I did not have a passport, had no idea where the clinic was and highways are dangerous, you know? I guess I could’ve looked the clinic on my laptop but I had already moved on. Another place had come to me, a strip joint. I knew exactly where to find one those since the fast-food joint was right across from one. So, I closed my laptop on ventured across the street.


Yes, yes, you’re right Darkness, that should have been my first thought. You’re so much smarter than me aren’t you? Whatever, so I paid my cover charge and went into this den of titties and alcohol-based sanitizers. By the way, laptop computers are not well received at your local strip joint I found out – cost me an extra $100 for the doorman to look the other way. So after a quick survey and more than a few nipples rubbing against my arm, I found that vast majority of the girls were more than willing to pose for pictures and/or movies as long as the money was right. The only person that turned me down was a bartender. And only because she said the incisions from her recent enhancement had not healed yet (complete nudity was a prerequisite). So all I had to do was narrow down the pool by looks, attitude and the amount of funds I had available to me. In the end, as you probably know, Chastity was my choice.  After a brief conversation, a $100 and her nipples in my face, we decided to meet at my place the upcoming Monday (seems strippers’ calendars are quite full).


With that I went and began planning exactly what I was going to with Chastity. Pictures seemed to be a waste of mine and her time.  I figured that video was the way to go.  So then it was exactly what I wanted in this video. Maybe her stripping for me? Maybe her playing with herself? Maybe she would do some oral sex on me? Maybe I could do all the stuff my girlfriend wouldn’t? Yes, Darkness, that would be anal.  Anyway, I decided to go for the whole sha-bang, you know?. I would ask her for everything and see how much she would charge me.  I withdrew $3000, thinking that was as much as I was willing to pay. I know that is lot. But what did I know about the porn industry? Yes, I know how many videos and pictures I have viewed, relatively speaking anyway. But what I am talking about, Darkness, is finances of such stuff. What? Yes I guess I could’ve done some research but I did not feel like it.  Like I said $3000 was my limit and I figured I would ask her what the charge would be, not that I was going to pay her ‘this’ much to do ‘this’. Understand? Yeah, well, fuck you, that IS the way I negotiate.


Anyway, Monday rolls around and Chastity actually shows up although a bit on the late side.  I think around midnight or so.  I had given up on her showing figuring she had only told me she would come so I might keep feeding her my money. No, I had not told her a time. I was so happy she agreed that I forgot. I gave her my name and address and that was it. So, by the time she showed I was already snoozing in my bed.  I thought that maybe my girlfriend had decided to come over after her shift, you know? So I jumped up outta bed to greet her.  Chastity took me aback. She was dressed nothing like a stripper, just sweatpants and a t-shirt, but also because she brought a man with her. She said he was a friend to make sure I did not kill her or something. I told her what I wanted and asked a price.  She looked at her friend and he just shrugged. She said that $1500 would be enough depending on how big my dick was.  She wanted some control of her bowel movements after this was over. I showed her what I was working with and she was satisfied. I showed her where I thought we should do our thing. I barely had enough time to turn on the camera and position it before she had my pants down. She was quite talented but it was a little weird having her friend watching us the whole time while eating a sandwich so I did not enjoy myself as much as I could have.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still was able to perform and I finished by exploding in her ass. What? Well you are the one that wanted to know, Darkness. Ok, sorry, maybe I did get a little carried away. So, anyway, after it was all done I asked if we could do this again except without the camera and the friend. The camera did not really add much to the experience. As a matter of fact it might have taken away from it a bit because Chastity was always mugging for it instead of worrying about satisfying me.  I was figuring I had only spent ½ of what I had been willing to spend so I could afford at least one more time with Chastity before going back to my regular life with my regular girlfriend. Yes, Darkness, once you go down that path it is very hard to turn around and go back.


Anyway she agreed. Seems it takes a couple of nights for her to make what I paid her for basically an hour. And she needed the money, don’t they all? No, she did not say what for, she only said she needed it. Yes, I guess it could’ve been for drugs but really I didn’t care. HIV? Nah, I figured the place she worked for made sure she was relatively disease free. Well, doesn’t matter now anyway, does it? She told me she could make it the next Monday at about the same time. I tried to get her to come over sooner but she said she wanted her ass to feel a bit normal again before we went at it. Nah, I did not feel bad about it, I asked if she would do it and she was more than willing so it was not like I made her or something. No, it was not messy at all. How do I know? Maybe she had an enema or something beforehand. Yes, I took a shower afterwards. I am not a heathen. Can I get back to the story? Thanks.


So, that week was like the longest ever. No I am not fifteen, asshole. I’m just saying I could not wait for her to come over again. I saw my girlfriend a couple of times and we had sex once but I was thinking of Chastity’s ass the whole time, you know? Yes, it affected me more than I thought would. Even at work I could only think of her. So when Monday came around I almost had a hard-on before she even got there. We did our thing again and it was fantastic.  This time she was only focused on pleasing me and I did not have some dude staring at me the whole time. There was basically no way I could give her up. I mean the whole experience was so mind blowing that life was never going to be the same without her, at least my sex life anyway. Yes, I alluded to it before, I had asked my girlfriend to do some of the things Chastity was willing to do only to be turned down.  As a matter of fact, she told me that she would break up with me if I ever tried to stick it in her ass.  I guess I could’ve found a new girlfriend but why when I had Chastity? I guess that would’ve been the right thing to do but this was so much easier.  The problem, as you surely know Darkness, was that Chastity only cared about the money. There was no way I could keep paying her $1500 every week; maybe once or twice a year but no way every week.  So what was I supposed to do?


Well, as you know I scheduled her for the next Monday not completely sure what I was going to do. I broke up with my girlfriend so that I did not have to deal with her anymore. Yes, I kept my job. Why in the hell would I quit? Yes, well, maybe if I had known you would be showing up I might have. Anyway, that leads us to tonight. You know what I have planned. I know that is why you are here.  I have one question. Are you my friend or my enemy? I thought that is what you would say. Let’s go answer the door, she is here.

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