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  In Buenos Aires city of Chascomús, one daydecided to shoot at distances unthinkable a realtribute to the bond that a man can choose life, friendship. With the establishment of "Friendship Day" on October 20, 1946, the city would see his men set up a kingdom ... yes, a kingdom with all its bombastic authorities and protocols, afterraising a glass (or several) to remember again and again what unites us. Alicia Lahourcade local historian says, "The Kingdom of Friendship" it was "a joke, acollective theatrical creation," for what he had to give a status appropriate to this kind of "brotherhood of the good life".   Finally, the royal house ended with a reception hall for 170 meters of floor space, and acomfortable office upstairs with their respective bathrooms. The official opening was on April 14, 1951 with "The Dance of Ambassadors" and an input of 8 pesos for men and 2 for the ladies. However, the real vocation was growing and in 1950 completed a bullring ... yes, bulls, with wooden bleachers ... The "real coliseum" had three runs, the opening was on January 8 with four bullfighters imported from Colombia and Peru.   The historian Alicia Lahourcade believes that crazy and humorous character of "The Kingdomof Friendship" was coined his own end. With the Canatelli unexpected death, he joined the impossibility of institutionalizing, and thuscontinue the crazy activities of the Royal Court.    "Thesedoors are defended, which has not come in, God lives by them, who is not in more mad than I am."

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Different expressions are manifested in the graffiti, protest messages and jokes among adolescents. Love and sex just two seats away. Attempts chess boards made into ashtrays cigarettes. Trash cans transformed into monsters of children's books. Messages on the seats…

Ushuaia is located at the southern tip of Argentina, natural landscapes are among the most beautiful in South America. These…

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