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The Deep

Jan 30, 2012 • 2 comments • 939 views

It's dark and we're drunk.

"Let's go swimming!"  Seems like a good idea;

We're young and full of fun and cheap wine.


Warm night, bright stars.

Trees cut the sky with black branches.

The nearest lights are far away, across the lake.

We shiver happily at the imagined danger

Of being out so late, in the dark.


We throw down our clothes

And splash into the lake,

Shouting and cursing happily.

Shivery cold, I swim out past the others,

Into the middle of the lake.

Everything goes quiet in my buzzing ears.






More silence.


Nothing around me but dark water.

I see their clothes on the shore,

Bright against the grass.

"Guys, what the hell?"

I'm getting mad,

Covering up the gathering fear.


Then I look down

Beneath my treading feet.


Glowing blue,

This demon of the darkest water

Flies up at me.

Bloody and ghastly and glowing white eyes,

Silver teeth for rending and ripping.

I scream.

Just once.


It's over.

Cheap wine will do that to you. Especially those made by E & J Gallo Winery, e.g., Thunderbird and Night Train Express.
01.31.12 •
Lol Mad Dog 20/20 was my poison of choice.
01.31.12 •
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