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Jan 4, 2012 • 0 comments • 723 views


Odin’s Lament:


How could I have been so foolish?

I acted before I was wise.

And now all my people must pay for my folly.

I have betrayed the world.


You tricked me with your beauty and cleverness,

Made a mockery of my love.

Better gods than you reside forever in Hel,

Murdered by your false face and serpent’s tongue.


I should kill you, flesh of my flesh.

You must be punished for your crimes.

But, evil or not, you are still of my blood

And any who touch you must die by my hand.


Loki’s Response:


You knew what I was when you made me your kin:

A jotun, a devil, fair-faced evil.

I am only fulfilling the role I was given:

To shake you from your dreams and alert you to Ragnarok.


Don’t be more of a fool than you have already.

You gods are too weak, too softened and sick.

If not for my games, you would while away eternity

Lolling about and playing with your precious golden chessmen.


Ragnarok is coming, can you feel it in the air?

Like a hot, blazing fire brimming salty with blood.

Be alert, be wary, watch for me and my kind.

Asgard’s greatest glory is yet to come.

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