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Eye on Vimeo

link shared Dec 1, 2011 • 8 comments • 427 views

View in HD on Vimeo for the best quality


I was experimenting with shooting macro photos of my eye last night when I remembered that I had HD video on my camera, so with the Macro lens that came with my Opteka Fisheye adapter attached to my 35mm f/1.8G lens, I shot this short video to see how good the detail would be. For the lighting I just used an old fluorescent light and had my camera attached to my TV to help me position myself within the frame. Came out really cool looking, I might try to stabilize my head next time to keep the iris in focus. The background music is just an intro to a song I made a while back. 

Nikon D7000_Nikon 35mm f/1.8G_Opteka Macro lens attachement
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Love it, Mike! A fitting first video for • depth of field • . Is that Brian Eno playing in the background by any chance?
12.02.11 •
Thanks DChristopher !! I thought the technical & visual aspect of the video would be appropriate for your zine. No it's no Brian Eno, it's actually an intro to a song of mine. Thanks for thinking that it was though. I'm adding that photo that you recommended now.
12.02.11 •
hmm, I don't think it worked, I hit "edit convo" added a screen grab JPG to it and hit save.
12.02.11 •
Yep, seems to have worked. Thanks for the tips & help.
12.03.11 •
nice HD and detail here, would be an interesting project for different parts of the body!
12.03.11 •
12.04.11 •
awesomely cool idea, mike
12.03.11 •
Thanks Marianna, I had thought about expanding the idea, I was thinking of finding a different light source and shooting the eyes of the people around me.

Thanks Jon Moore !!
12.03.11 •
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