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Purple Slaw with Toasted Pecans {Recipe}

link shared Apr 2, 2012 • 0 comments • 1178 views

Spring Fever is in full effect. When spring comes that is usually the time when we start preparing our favorite picnic recipes.  Last week, I shared a lighter, healthier version of the Potato Salad ...Now we are moving onward to coleslaw. 


As a child, I couldn't get enough of coleslaw whenever my family went on our church picnics, but now as an adult , I am not that fond of it.  Sad, isn't it? 


BUT, who said that coleslaw had to be boring?  Well, let me tell you: today's version of coleslaw is nothing but exciting!


When I saw this recipe, the very first thing that drew my attention was the vibrant purple color...it's just beautiful!  It really does put the regular coleslaw to shame, doesn't it?  I am always looking for the next new thing when it comes to certain recipes, and I honestly believe I have found the mother-load in this Purple Slaw with Toasted Pecans Recipe.


I hope you do too!


P.S If you hadn't noticed yet~this recipe is vegan! Yay for #MeatlessMondays!!


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