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December Challenge Award Booklet

Apr 5, 2011 • 4 comments • 1999 views
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The Convozine December Challenge was a contest for short stories with the theme "Notes from Tomorrow".    We had a great turnout with 109 stories and it was an exciting finish with four winning entries.   To view all the stories, visit the December Challenge zine.


For the December Challenge winners, our team designed and printed a booklet with their short stories.   This print piece was developed by Maurice Woods, an award winning graphic designer and Convozine co-founder.   The December Challenge winners each received a free print copy of this booklet.   To share this with everyone, we're making it available as a free PDF ebook.   


Congratulations to everyone who entered the December Challenge.   We're a bit backlogged developing the award print pieces for the challenges since then, but we are working on them.   Thanks for participating and helping to start an awesomely creative community.

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Dec Challenge

Hi Joseph - I'm new to the community and just getting a feel for how things work around here. In reference to your last statement above, "Thanks for participating and helping to start an awesomely creative community."...how long has Convozine been in online? FYI...I'm going to check out the December challenge winners and stories later this afternoon! :)

04.05.11 •
Hey Brian, Convozine has been around in different forms since Feb 2010. The first challenge was in November. This new site with zines just rolled out last week.
04.05.11 •
Very Cool Joseph,,,nice to be here in the early upswing of this site...and will be fun growing as a writer and likewise being an active participant in Convozine's growth. I like it! :)
04.06.11 •
We're really glad to hear that. The mission for the site is to help people realize their creative vision. As individuals, people can practice and get feedback. For bigger projects, the zines can help bring large groups together. As users, we really like communities like Flickr groups and Reddit/writing, and they've helped us become better photographers and writers.
04.06.11 •
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