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Blind Sight

Mar 4, 2012 • 1 comment • 735 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge

im not big fan of pictures taken on phones, i find most to be ugly and overexposed, full to the rim with silly 'vintage style' effects,


but i must put my hands up and say, 'these were shot on my phone' i know, you want to slap me, but i really love the results.


basically i downlaod a phone app that enable me to customise any setting, meaning i can for example change the exposure, add a tilt blur or color filter etc and with the right know how get some cracking images


the only problem, is i cant see the picture when i press the shutter release, meaning im shooting blind, but i like that because im sololy relying on my own skill and know how to get the goods...


as they "it not the camera that makes the picture but the person taking it"


so tell what you think?


Setting and Method:

double take - camera takes two shoot and over laps them

under-exposed each image

add a yellow or cyan filter to add effect (and to cut out ugly color rendering you get with phone images)

add a tilt blur- to blur images togther

and a  some vignetting of course ...


photogarphy patterns or shapes so both image stood out in the shoot (also made sure i had dark space in each shoot so the overlays weren't messy)



all images are straight out of my phone no photoshopping

Also appears in:

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really interesting work and technique.
03.05.12 •
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