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Nov 12, 2011 • 0 comments • 727 views

              As a writer, one must ooze confidence. You take your whole soul and pour it on a page. Mirroring a relationship, you make yourself vulnerable. Like prying open an old chest to discover forgotten dusty photographs, you have to reach into real events to produce real emotions so your writing turns out clear..and well..real. Hidden beneath the veil of words you mold sentences and construct garments for your writing agenda, so that only bits and pieces of yourself are seen naked and forlorn on the page. Closer examining can find that imagination plays a large role in good writing too, but the deepest evocative pieces touch people’s soul because the reader can feel the writer plainly stamped on the page. Crafting words everyone uses everyday and trying to escape stereotypes, writers overcome blocks and in the end must place each word specifically in new forms so everything stays fresh and new. It’s the most horrendous feeling laying your whole heart on a paper because you might as well be walking around with giant neon lights scintillating from the heart plainly sewed onto your sleeve! It’s madness really, to imagine just how many pieces of oneself are left behind in the work read by so many. Memories you never even knew had that much impact can take a story on a whole new ride. That’s why, just like falling into a relationship, writers leave themselves vulnerable and exposed, all in the name of love. It takes a lot of balls to do that, on a daily basis, you know? Considering this art form falls upon how human and relatable you are, I applaud anyone with the audacity to submit anything to the critical world of writing whether it be good or bad, touching or sad. The thrill of being a writer lies in the fact so many people are willing to talk to a paper and pretend people care. It takes confidence in yourself to do that.


So, just thought I'd say thanks. 


(I care.)



Thanks for writing.

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