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Footprint in the Sand

Aug 7, 2011 • 16 comments • 2171 views

The direction of sand grains and light make for an interesting image.


Scanned from a 6x4 inch print that I had, my hard drive that held my photos became corrupt and I lost the original image.


Summer time on Goolwa Beach in 2004 or 2005.

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08.07.11 •
Thank you. I'm pleased with the lighting and texture+flow direction of the sand :)
08.26.11 •
amazing colors
08.07.11 •
Aren't they just? It was the most amazing sunset too :)
08.26.11 •
Glad you had the print :) Stunning!
08.07.11 •
Me too! I've tried to replicate the image, but nothing is quite as good as this one. The lighting was just right - a once off I think
08.07.11 •
Very good shot
08.21.11 •
Thanking you kindly, I find the colours most soothing and calming :)
08.26.11 •
This photo's like a poem.
09.02.11 •
Thank you, I think it's very true what they say about a picture being worth a thousand words :)
09.03.11 •
I'd hang this in my wall! The colors are beautiful and warm. I've lost many of my images for various "technical" reasons! That's a bUMMer, so I understand. Glad you were able to scan this one. Would have been a shame to lose it!
09.10.11 •
Every year I go back to the same spot to try and recapture. It's just not the same.
Isn't it funny how we rely on technologies? Things were so much easier during the era of print film.
09.13.11 •
Well, Ellen, this is one of my favorites on Convozine :) What can I say? I am sucker for nearly abstracted images like this one...

The fact that there is only one foot on the image makes you really wanna look and wonder... what is going on?

The direction of the light is beautifully emphasizing the grains of the sand, and that gives the amazing texture to this image. I also love the diagonal composition leading me to follow the footsteps...
02.29.12 •
Thank you for your lovely comment! Every summer when I walk along this beach I try to recapture this image. The sand and lighting was just perfect I've never been able to recapture it :(

Thanks again for the comments :)
05.26.12 •
Excellent image.
01.04.13 •
Thank you very much :)
11.19.14 •
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