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The Chicagoan

link shared Mar 9, 2012 • 1 comment • 2408 views

I just bought a copy of The Chicagoan, a biannual magazine that is big and beautiful, something that will complement McSweeney's, Paris Review, and N+1.  As a Midwesterner, I've always been disappointed at our lack of ability to produce sustainable careers for writers and artists.  All those with talent and asperations were advised to go to NYC, LA, or SF in order to make it.     


J.C. Gabel, editor-in-chief, has stated that he grew tired of watching friends and co-workers leave Chicago for greener pastures on the coasts.  This magazine has the potential to be a high-water mark for Midwest literacy--something on par with the forementioned magazines--and something that will draw talent to the city of Chicago, not to mention nurture us who call the Windy City home.     


According to their website, The Chicagoan will continue to branch out in the coming months, becoming a more dynamic website, offering a monthly narrative non-fiction for e-readers, and hosting public events--all told this seems to be a new and proactive business model that might prove profitable.  I will keep sharing their work.  But if you find yourself in the store that sells The Chicagoan, please buy a copy.  They cost $20 but are free of advertisements.  I wish them all the success in the world.  


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Very excited about this!! I hope there's no problem getting my hands on one in San Francisco. As an erstwhile Chicagoan myself, all I can say is, it's about time!

Ringing endorsement, Jacob. Would you be able to submit this to Dustjacket, as well? I'd ilke to feature it there: http://convozine.com/27-dustjacket
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