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Ecstasy in the Seafood Section - Anobium: Volume 2

Dec 31, 2011 • 0 comments • 2085 views


CHICAGO - On January 31st, just in time for their first anniversary, Chicago's Anobium Books will be releasing their second literary compendium, Anobium: Volume 2, which features new writing, interviews and artwork from a variety of local and international talent. A:V2 will be for sale directly through the anobiumlit.com and select Chicago booksellers. Pre-order discounts are currently available through the website.


Anobium: Volume 2 is a collection of strange, ethereal and experimental literature from a wide range of published and unpublished writers. The volume was assembled by Anobium founder and senior editor Mary J. Levine, and also includes a section curated by co-founder and managing editor, Benjamin van Loon, which features stories and interviews from Chicago-based authors, Patrick Somerville and Jesse Ball. Other writers in A:V2 include mail-art recluse Blaster "Al" Ackerman, licensed mortician Derek Sanchez-Hoeksema, anthologized fictionalist Kristine Ong Muslim, and 13 others others. 


Artwork for the issue will be provided by artist Ivan de Monbrison, a Parisian painter whose work has been included in publications, websites and galleries ranging from Do Not Look at the Sun, galerie art'est, Espace42, Hesainprint, Seina Art Institute, UNESCO, and many others. Monbrison's subjects "are incarnated in the canvas but not yet fully present." His work can be viewed online athttp://www.artmajeur.com/blackowl/.

"The written universe is as expansive as its three-dimensional counterpart," says Mary J. Levine, talking about the compilation of A:V2. "There are all sorts of little green men dashing from sphere to sphere. Volume 2 is an inter dimensional postcard collection and I believe we're lucky we're allowed to see it."


Anobium: Volume 2 will be available January 31 through the Anobium website at anobiumlit.com. Copies may also be available at Quimbys, Bucket O' Blood Books and Records, Laurie's Planet of Sound, and other select Chicago booksellers. Pre-order options are currently available.

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