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Patrick Stump Performs Solo at the Metro 11/11/11

Dec 6, 2011 • 0 comments • 1972 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

As a Fall Out Boy fan I admit I've been somewhat resistant to give much attention to frontman Patrick Stump's solo project. I picked up his CD "Soul Punk" on my way to his show at the Metro on the 11th of November. The cd has its hits and its misses, but his incredible talent is undeniable. After listening to his CD on the way to Chicago, I was pretty excited to see his performance by the time I reached the Metro.


He took the stage around 10 p.m. and I was honestly blown away. Opening with a mashup of the songs from his EP "Truant Wave" that he released earlier this year, his energy was insane as he danced to the fast techno-esque beats of the music. Stump has done everything to make sure his solo work stands apart from his work with Fall Out Boy, and after 3 minutes of watching him at the Metro it's almost impossible to think of him as "that guy from Fall Out Boy" for better or worse.


Dressed in a well-tailored deep blue suit with bleached blond hair, the once shy singer that seemed to hide behind baggy hoodies and nerd glasses took the stage full of confidence and performed every song from his CD. Twenty minutes in, Stump was dripping with sweat and started to ditch pieces of his blue ensemble to engage the audience. Talking about everything from how much it sucked to be from the 'burbs to how some people find his new look silly, Stump felt completely at home in front of this audience and gave them their moneys worth.


Stump's music is seductive, mature and definitely not the screamo pop-rock that he has been making for the past 10 plus years. His music is electronica and fast at times, at other times very R&B and smooth. He can make you dance and he can also sing about making love. Stump's music tells stories about missed opportunities with women, lust, finding yourself, and affairs. Not much different than the storylines of a Fall Out Boy song, but the way he does it is different. His songs are brutally honest portaits of moments from his life set to ensemble music rather than just guitars and a drum kit.


For the first time, Stump performed a song from his CD called "The 'I' in Lie" which was definitely a treat. On the CD the song is incrdible, but seeing it performed so passionately added a whole different demension to it. Other highlights were when Stump performed the guitar solo on "Cryptzoology" and covered Phil Collin's "In The Air Tonight" while playing drums.


Stump's return to Chicago was a triupmhant one. The crowd sang to every song while Stump danced around to every song, never missing a note. In 2011, we've seen Stump grow into his own skin and it was incredible to be there for his homecoming performance.

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