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NBA Trade Deadline Recap: Snoozeville Alert!

Mar 16, 2012 • 0 comments • 436 views
Huge Huge Huge


In a less than thrilling day or two of trades, all the drama around Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol was clearly fruitless. While a few contendors added depth, the rest of the league's trade deadline action was relegated to the NBA's underclass, as second round picks, benchwarmers, and first round busts were exchanged.


Bucks and Warriors

Bucks get Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh, and Kwame Brown 

Warriors get Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson (traded to Spurs later)


The Warriors get big in the front court, as Bogut is an All-Star center when he is not injured (which is rare).  Giving up Ellis is a huge loss, but it was the right move for the franchise.  Ellis is a pure scorer and a great individual player, but he's like, say, Carmelo Anthony, in that he doesn't help a team win games, and he won't mesh too well with the Bucks' score-first guard Brandon Jennings (like he didn't mesh with Steph Curry back in Golden State). Udoh is young but looks like a 40-year old man, a classic Greg Oden situation.  Kwame Brown ... still a bonafide scrub.


Winner - Warriors



Grizzlies and Sixers

Sixers get Sam Young

Grizzles get future considerations


Not sure about this one.  Sixers already have Andre Igoudala and Thaddeus Young, who are both better versions of Sam Young.  Adds some depth, but nothing life changing. 


Winner - Tie


Pacers and Raptors

Pacers get Leandro Barbosa

Raptors get a second-round draft pick


Pacers get even deeper, beefing up their back-court with the speedy Barbosa, who will provide energy off the bench and a reliable deep threat.


Winner - Pacers


Nets and Blazers

Nets get Gerald Wallace

Blazers get Mehmet Okur, Shawne WIlliams, Protected First Round Draft Pick


The Nets are starting to surround Deron with quality players, as Wallace provides much needed presence at the small forward position.  His versatility only helps the Nets; however, the Nets potentially gave up a lot.  Okur and Williams don't mean anything, but the possibility that the Blazers get a top draft pick is very likely (though there is a chance that the Nets retain the pick).  Is Wallace worth a first round pick?  It shows that the Nets are making a serious effort to keep Deron from leaving.  Moreover, the team just became an even more attractive destination for potential signee, Dwight Howard.  The Blazers get expiring contracts and a solid first round pick--good for a team in upheaval.


Winner - Tie


Lakers and Cavaliers

Lakers get Ramon Sessions, Christian Eyenga, and rights to swap Heat's 2013 first-round draft pick

Cavaliers get Luke Walton and a first round draft pick


Lakers receive a capable young point guard in Ramon Sessions (though he can't hit threes) and receive an energy man in Christian Eyenga (next Shannon Brown possibly?).   The Cavs get nothing in Luke Walton (sorry Luke), but potentially get a decent pick in next years draft, which will be one of the deepest in years.


Winner - Lakers


Blazers and Rockets

Rockets get Marcus Camby

Blazers get Hasheem Thabeet, Jonny Flynn, 2012 second round draft pick


Rockets improve in the short term, as Camby is still a beast on the boards and a capable shot blocker.  Blazers are completely reinventing themselves … but does that mean starting with Hasheem Thabeet (dude sucks)?  Jonny Flynn showed glimpses of potential in Houston, but he will have to compete with Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton in the backcourt.  Getting a draft pick is always an added bonus and further shows how committed the Blazers are at becoming young.  Also, Camby's expensive contract is now gone, leaving the Blazers to sign more developing players.


Winner - Blazers


Spurs and Warriors

Spurs get Stephen Jackson

Warriors get Richard Jefferson and a conditional first-round pick


Jackson returns to the Spurs 8 years after his 2003 championship run with the team, and he is happy.  A happy Jackson (who is very temperamental, google his rap) translates into a solid sixth man, as he can flat out score.  The Warriors get good compensation in Richard Jefferson, but he will have to compete with Dorrell Wright for a starting spot.  


Winner - Spurs


Lakers and Rockets

Lakers get Jordan HIll

Rockets get Derek Fisher and 2012 first-round pick


Why? Losing D-Fish, one of the most clutch and storied Laker's player in history, is an emotional blow, but a necessary one in order to get younger and faster.  Nonetheless, the Lakers receive an average backup for the frontcourt in Jordan Hill (8th pick in the 2009 draft by the Knicks), who can rebound and block shots.  Unfortunately, Hill is not worth a first or even a second round draft pick.


Winner - Rockets


Wizards and Clippers and Nuggets

Wizards get Nene, Brian Cook, and future second round draft pick

Clippers get Nick Young

Nuggets get Javale McGee and Ronny Turiaf


The Wizards are breaking up the most ridiculous team in the league (google McGee and Andray Blatche for good examples), but gain a proven center in Nene. The Clippers get Nick Young basically for free, and he provides exactly what they needed: a pure shooting guard scorer who can hit the trey and finish at the rim.  As for the Nuggets, they receive the 7'1", lanky, talented yet foolish Javale McGee and the charismatic Ronny Turiaf.  McGee's got mad potential, as he is fully capable of averaging 15pts, 10+ rebounds, and 3 blocks per game with substantial minutes. However, he's a loose cannon and his mama is crazy.  Hopefully he doesn't let his  hype get the best of him.  Last thing, Ronny Turiaf is a beast … nearly the best bench motivator, second only to the White Mamba, Brian Scalabrine.


Winner - Clippers

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