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Star trails over Mt. Hood

Jan 5, 2012 • 2 comments • 1084 views

Weather channel forecasted sunny for Timberline Lodge. But when I arrived government camp, it was totally cloudy everywhere. As the first time visitor of Timberline, I had no clue and was so disappointed in the accuracy of the forecast until I was 3 miles away from Timberline. Guess what? Timberline lodge was above clouds and the whole Mt. hood was shining bright under the strong sun light. 
I carried my tent, pad and sleeping bag and went snowshoeing up to 7000’ elevation. After shot some sunset scenes, I spent a while to survey the spot to setup tent and tripod. I knew I could not shoot star trails without the tent because it’s too windy and cold. I almost gave up because when I inserted the rods and expanded the tent, the strong wind blew tent and me all together down and rolled 20 feet away. Well, safe and sound then tried again with help by my camera bag’s weight. The good thing is my second attempt was successful so I spent the whole night watching shooting stars and forgot my camera was doing long exposures for me. Thanks to the timer so I can lay back. 
My tripod legs were one foot deep into the snow for stabilization (it’s too windy). The consequence was after 3:00am, I could not pull the tripod legs out because the snow became frozen ice. I used my hiking pole to dig them out. After I shot some more Mt Jefferson sunrise and colorful clouds photos, I finished my first ever unforgettable overnight shooting above clouds and in snow zone. 

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Mind-bogglingly cool, William! Thanks for the story — a truly heroic shot.
01.06.12 •
Beautiful! Very inspiring, and I know how cold it can get when you're out high in the mountains in the winter. Brrr! Takes a hearty soul and devotion to your craft! Thanks for being willing to endure and then share the fruits of your labors.
01.12.12 •
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