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Tram Journeys

Summer in Prague. Trams are always running. My morning commute usually involves 2 tram transfers from  different parts of the city. Ever since I got a smart phone, my ability to read on trams / commutes has significantly decreased, in…

in ExistentiARTism 08.17.14


piel island viewed from walney, august 2014

I could have spent weeks in this spot, waiting for different lights and conditions, but as it was I only had an hour before the nature reserve shut up shop and kicked me and her ladyship out. Added to that…

in land 08.15.14


Urban Sculptures

In order of appearance:   1) Mustangs by Robert Glen. Los Colinas, Texas, USA 2) Yerean, Armenia 3) Detroit, USA by COUNTCHADULA . View post for more pictures of "Detroit: Rising from the Ashes." 4) Sinnataggen Park Vigelanda-Oslo 5) Mark Jenkins 6)  Mark Jenkins, Moscow, Russia 7) United Nations Headquarters,…

in ExistentiARTism 08.07.14


The Teacup

feeling abandoned... the teacup  fills with rain   - A. D'Agio   Photo courtesy of Karen LeGeyt. 

in Humanist Poet Scene 08.06.14


Seeing the future

In June, I had a chance to take a tour of the construction of the new "Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge," more traditionally known in New Haven as "The Q."

in The Luster Of Steel 08.05.14


Anglo Files: Interview with Rockers Sirens in the Delta

Sirens in the Delta Genre:  ROCK! Origin:  Middlesbrough, UK   Members:  Katie on vocals, Rich and Gav play guitar, Si plays bass and Glen is the drummer   Sirens in the Delta are a powerful rock band hailing from various…

in Music 08.05.14


New Music Monday: Stream New Song From Sweden's Michael Warming

Michael Warming announced via his twitter (@MichaelWarming) that his  official version of "Empty Shell of a Man pt.1" is now available for free streaming on on his OFFICIAL SITE             It's ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!  We encourage…

in Music 07.28.14


Music News: Great Mutations Release Debut

With their debut release, Cheap Stuff, the band Great Mutations has made an album that recalls some of the best rock of today — and yesterday — while still sounding wholly original.   The trio primarily records in a church…

in Music 07.24.14


New Music Monday: Bobby Patterson Has Got More Soul

Bobby Patterson I Got More Soul! Label:  Omnivore Records Release Date:  July 22. 2014     First new studio release… The Soulful Sound Lounge 07.21.14


escape from the picture

 photo session  in action:P Armando Mejía O. 07.09.14


Still Life, Flowers II

I'm working on a collection of atypical still life with flowers. Here I've used calla lilies, hosta leaves, a Tropicana rose,… Diane McDonough 07.07.14


Literally Weird | Bat Manors

Bat Manors, self-described as folk-core, has beautiful harmony and instrumentation. It reminds me of my dear friends Phox, Antrim Dells,… Jacob Singer 07.02.14

in Music


Love in the Quartier Latin

The Carré Saint-Louis in the heart of the Quartier Latin is love central all year long. It is a square… Éric Soucy 06.29.14


Music News: Former Dr. Dog member Justin Stens Shares the Road On New Release

  After playing drums for six years in the popular indie-rock band Dr. Dog, Juston Stens set out on his… The Soulful Sound Lounge 06.26.14

in Music


IMG_8074 - 146

The Second Child:365 146/365 Fujoshi 06.26.14



The Second Child:365 145/365 We got her a small pool this weekend. She simply could not be happier. Fujoshi 06.26.14



The Second Child:365 144/365 "It's hot. I'm hot. I'm melting. I'm just going to be a puddle of GOO! It's… Fujoshi 06.26.14



The Second Child:365 143/365 Our Magnolia trees are blooming. She says they smell like lemon. Fujoshi 06.26.14



The Second Child:365 142/365 The usual after dinner cuddle. Hopefully this will be the last time I show up..hehe Fujoshi 06.26.14


Avett Brothers Will Headline Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference

  The 15th annual Americana Music Festival & Conference, presented by Nissan, will take place September 17-21, 2014 in Nashville,… The Soulful Sound Lounge 06.20.14

in Music


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