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There is a Light

Once I had a series of images with one light bulb  burning in a window. It was foggy on the back Enderby road.

in Michael Dohnalek 12.18.14


This Year's MUST HAVE Holiday Music For A Very Cool Yule

"An Americana Christmas"     Christmas in the jailhouse, Christmas alone on the range, Christmas broke and lonely, Christmas with a twangy guitar — that’s the Americana version of Christmas, and the compilation “An Americana Christmas” is a curatorial summation…

in Music 12.16.14


Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls in winter. It's just north of Vancouver,about 35km on the way to Whistler .

in land 12.11.14


Vitkovice Iron and Steel Works, Ostrava

the enormous vitkovice steel works in east Czechia, a UNESCO heritage site which currently only partly functions as a factory, with plans to be closed down by Autumn 2015, is a bloody massively enormous industrial scape. The majority of Vitkovice…

in ExistentiARTism 12.07.14


Wednesday's Women: New Song From Norway's Aurora Aksnes

Aurora Aksnes Genre:  Singer-Songwriter Origin:  Bergen, Norway     Aurora is an 18 year old singer/songwriter from Bergen, Norway. Her experimental sounds take influence from electronica, songwriters like Leonard Cohen and the natural world.   This year, her debut single Awakening streamed…

in Music 12.03.14


Grasshopper Tale

As fairy tales go, it isn't much. Nobody will make an epic trilogy out of it. Michael Bay will never pick up the option. My story will never have been brought to you by Generation X Toilet Paper—For When Your…

in Mom's Secret Horrors 12.01.14


The Digital Love Industry (Vice Doc)

Published on Nov 28, 2014   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBRSR_LGlOE   Soon, virtual reality is going to crash into our lives in a way we never even imagined. Though dating and masturbating have long been commandeered by the web, it's only been as…

in Holographic Universe 11.30.14


This Tunnel ; That Tunnel (re-appears)

It seems the previous one disappeared, odly... too bad cause it had interesting comments. Well, i can't explain that, so, here it is again. This Tunnel ; That Tunnel / here : Saint-Marc >FI3200/2014 http://www.fotoiso3200.com

in Tunnels 4:16 am


Amazon.com: Magicland: Sequel to Storyland eBook: Dawn Napier: Kindle Store

Raven was once an impetuous young girl with more power than she knew how to handle. Now she is wiser but no older—Master Jackal has imprisoned her body and soul, and she can neither age nor die. She longs desperately…

in Mom's Secret Horrors 11.29.14



Imagine the infinite existence. The very nucleus of life and the mandatory formula giver of solids and liquids to act in unision. Exisiting on a level of completeness where the matrix of the universe all comes together. Surrounded by darkness…

in Spiritual Savant 11.29.14


Night Scapes

Winter dawns on the city and night scapes are getting interesting. People look for warm foods, wait inside for transit and cars, cars... we are in for a long five months of cold up here,  being nordic.   http://www.fotoiso3200.com/ http://fotoiso3200.wix.com/ericsoucy

in CityScapes 11.26.14


Metal Sculpture Series

"Tote" , Steel, Stucco, Enamel Paint ,  2104   "Canta" , Steel, Stucco, Enamel Paint ,  2104   "Mill , Steel, Stucco,… Virginia Coleman 11.24.14


A Spiritual Path

There is talk of a spirital awakening taken place within humans today. People are becoming more intuned with the spiritual… Kerry Phillip 11.22.14


Enchanting Voice

This particular Fiday evening, Joan turned the television on hoping to be fully entertained. She lazily flopped into the nearest… Kerry Phillip 11.22.14

in De Javu


Metal Landscapes

"The Prosper of Spring", 2014, 11' x 3' x 1' , Stainless Steel, Steel, Stucco, Oil Paints, Enamel Paint, Wood… Virginia Coleman 11.22.14


Griffintown Industrial Decay

Griffintown and the Lachine Canal peripheral neighbourhoods have the most interesting industrial heritage of the city. This 15km shipping lane… Éric Soucy 11.21.14


in the belly of the beast

photographs of the interior of a wwII era battleship   descending below to the depths, deeper, darker   origin and… jon moore 11.19.14


Wednesday's Women: Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia Genre: Alt HipHop/Latin Pop Origin:  Miami     Kat Dahlia, is a Cuban-American recording artist from Miami, Florida.… The Soulful Sound Lounge 11.19.14

in Music


Richmond ramble

A walk through my favorite neighborhood in RVA Cliff Furnald 11.17.14



On November, 10th, Motopony performed at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC. I have been searching for a good band for… Irvin A Kelly 11.14.14

in Music


1       My name is Bran-Sun. I am maybe thirty seasons old, a long time I think, and I… tom unsworth 11.11.14



Ruben Monakhov. Kamasutra. Oil on canvas, 45?70 cm.,  2014.   Well, who would doubt that it would reach up to… Ruben Monakhov 11.10.14


Show Report: Bob Dylan at the Paramount, Oakland

Y’know, if I’d listened to everybody who told me how to do stuff, I might be somewhere by now. --Bob… Jay Martin 11.10.14

in Music


Wednesday's Women: Folk Duo Lily and Madeleine

Lily and Madeleine Genre:  Indie Folk Origin:  Indianapolis     Folk Pop duo, Lily & Madeleine are sisters Lily Jurkiewicz… The Soulful Sound Lounge 11.05.14

in Music


A conversation with Jacques Cartier. Le Bridge, Montreal, and Its Surroundigs

This bridge is energy in its maximum expression. It is quite an adventure to walk through it. The super rumbles,… Victor Garibaldi 11.04.14


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