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escape from the picture

 photo session  in action:P

in MandoBarista 2:19 am


Still Life, Flowers II

I'm working on a collection of atypical still life with flowers. Here I've used calla lilies, hosta leaves, a Tropicana rose, and miscellaneous summer flowers.

in CapePhotoCollective 07.07.14


Literally Weird | Bat Manors

Bat Manors, self-described as folk-core, has beautiful harmony and instrumentation. It reminds me of my dear friends Phox, Antrim Dells, and The Soil and the Sun. Piano and strings compliment the vocals and guitar. While it is mellow and warm…

in Music 1:46 pm


Love in the Quartier Latin

The Carré Saint-Louis in the heart of the Quartier Latin is love central all year long. It is a square full of history where Quebec's greatest artists have paused for inspiration. It is the square around which french Montreal was…

in Montréal Métro 06.29.14


Music News: Former Dr. Dog member Justin Stens Shares the Road On New Release

  After playing drums for six years in the popular indie-rock band Dr. Dog, Juston Stens set out on his own to front his own band, the Get Real Gang, and play his own songs.   A self-taught guitar player,…

in Music 06.26.14


IMG_8074 - 146

The Second Child:365 146/365

in studioƒujoshi 3:57 am



The Second Child:365 145/365 We got her a small pool this weekend. She simply could not be happier.

in studioƒujoshi 3:55 am



The Second Child:365 144/365 "It's hot. I'm hot. I'm melting. I'm just going to be a puddle of GOO! It's hot..." And it's not even summer yet.

in studioƒujoshi 3:52 am



The Second Child:365 143/365 Our Magnolia trees are blooming. She says they smell like lemon.

in studioƒujoshi 3:44 am



The Second Child:365 142/365 The usual after dinner cuddle. Hopefully this will be the last time I show up..hehe

in studioƒujoshi 3:36 am


Avett Brothers Will Headline Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference

  The 15th annual Americana Music Festival & Conference, presented by Nissan, will take place September 17-21, 2014 in Nashville,… The Soulful Sound Lounge 06.20.14

in Music


Caged Paradise

Locked within the beauty of the secret garden. The Red Wolf 06.14.14


These Are Photographs

Photographer Irvin A Kelly, finds a new way to showcase his wonderful portraits.  To purchase a piece go HERE. Irvin A Kelly 06.07.14


Window Upon the World

A play on separation/combination and opposites. The Red Wolf 06.04.14


The Light Of Ones Faith -

Next Gallery - Denver - May 23rd - June 8th , 2014     The Light of Ones Faith is based… Virginia Coleman 05.31.14


atlantic highway

north cornwall - may 2014 tom unsworth 05.31.14

in land


This You Should Know

The availability of knowledge today is as never before.  We have access to many teachings and philosophies, all aimed at… Kerry Phillip 05.31.14


Maratea - Bella Italia

I had the luck to be able to spend 5 days in Maratea, Italy.  Annelies Jansen 05.29.14


The Local Bee

This Spelling Bee took place in April of 2014 in Kingston, On.  The participants did a great job spelling words… Rachael Hunter-Brown 05.26.14


Save Money: Septic Tank Maintenance Tips

Septic Systems are individual waste water treatment systems that collect, treat and dispose of waste water. They are reliable, cost… Raegan Hines 05.26.14


Understanding soakaway in a septic tank system

In this modern world, every good septic tank installation usually have soakaway in the system. This amazing invention allowed a… Raegan Hines 05.26.14


IMG_7950 - 141

The Second Child:365 141/365 "You wanna go do something a bit better today for the photo?" "YES!" Fujoshi 05.22.14



The Second Child:365 140/365 See! She can smile sometimes! Fujoshi 05.22.14



The Second Child:365 139/365 Today was a baking lesson and she did exceptionally well. So here she is with the… Fujoshi 05.22.14


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