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James McGill and the spring thaw on campus

Lt.-Colonel The Hon. James McGill (October 6, 1744 – December 19, 1813) was a British businessman and philanthropist best known for being the founder of McGill University, Montreal   Photos >FI3200/2015 - http://fotoiso3200.wix.com/ericsoucy

in CityScapes 04.15.15


Abigail Plays In Fun

Taken at a warehouse party in Brooklyn NY


A Sound Recommendation: Montreal's Electro Pop Duo Look Vibrant

Look Vibrant Genre:  Pop Origin:  Montreal       Look Vibrant is an experimental-pop project founded by longtime friends Justin Lazarus and Matt Murphy. Their songs contain complex arrangements, unusual harmonies and an abundance of vocal effects; For live shows,…

in Music 04.09.15


Rituals of the Damned

This time in the world, a lot of people keep a festival or a commoration of the sacrificial death.  They drink wine and eat unleavened bread.  But what are the origins of this practice and its true significance? The reference…

in Spiritual Savant 04.06.15


The Goblin Tunnel - Resurgence [Extended Version]

The atrium fills with thousands of creatures.  At the heart is an immense silver throne. Once it is established that all are in attendance, a silence descends upon the room and the Goblin King enters, slowly striding towards his throne. …

in The Mystical 03.25.15


Lost Selves

Against all the odds I return here to write today.  My spirit with it's capablility to resist has managed to get to this point.  I continue to believe just as I have believed before that mankind's gods are magicians and…


Narodni B&W

Testing out my lovely new sonya6000 on and around Narodni (National) street in Prague near the National Theater.   Check out the color series  

in ExistentiARTism 03.17.15


Rain in the Caribbean....

Sometimes inspiration is not coming for days, months, years on end. It is pretty unstabilizing, frustating. Like life is spilling through your fingers and there is nothing you can do. And finally a smile arrives and clears up the soul.

in Photo Stories 03.04.15


Follow Me Into The Heart of The Garden of Darkness

As a young art student, immersed in the imagery and dialogue of art history, I became captivated by Paul Gauguin’s masterpiece, D'ou Venons Nous / Que Sommes Nous / Où Allons   Where Do We Come From?  What Are We? …

in Angst.. 03.04.15


AngloFiles: Bad Ass RnB from Cardiff - Until The Ribbon Breaks

Until the Ribbon Breaks Genre: Bad Ass RnB Origin:  Cardiff, Wales     Remember the days when gifting mixtapes was the definitive romantic gesture? That careful ritual of combing through your record collection, choosing a myriad of musical moods and…

in Music 02.24.15



a rose, called heaven

in tom unsworth 02.23.15


trees and light and shadows and geometry

spon end estate - 18 2 15 tom unsworth 02.18.15


Massive Attack V Adam Curtis ,2013

  http://vimeo.com/76571554 AKA 'Everything is Going According to Plan'       What a combination of talent this show was!… Marianna 02.18.15


The Shores of Adelaide

Your sirens call of lies, Were beacons for my delusions, A blank message in a bottle, Cast upon the dark… Laura Freeman 02.15.15


light painting

In these photos, I experimented with light painting, using an LED wand. I like the vivid color and the undulations,… Diane McDonough 02.14.15


The Solitude of Color Brings Focused Attention

Often we miss what is directly before our eyes - sometimes a little color brings our world into clearer focus.… Dennis Martin 02.12.15


Rust, Ruin, and Renewal

We tramped through The rubble and remains Of the lost and forgotten places Feeling like the broken Masonry of men… Andrew Price 02.11.15


The Goblin Tunnel - Resurgence

The atrium fills with thousands of creatures.  At the heart is an immense silver throne.  Once it is established that… Éric Soucy 02.06.15


Dynasty Electric – “Morning Was On Fire” | CrayonBeats

Dynasty Electric Brings Us Morning Was On Fire. Irvin A Kelly 02.04.15

in Music



light flickers plays tricks on my eyes skin curves and forms appear melt into brief visions, in technicolour flow into, one, another… sensualii 01.31.15


blue fantasy

Blue Fantasy      There’s a woman who lives next door, she’s been there for five or six years. I… sensualii 01.29.15


arresting sensuality

   I drive over to the police station because I’m concerned about  Bryan. The Facebook messages have changed in tone… sensualii 01.29.15



Carousels have always looked cinematic to me. They often symbolize surrealism, suspense and horror. Éric Soucy 01.29.15


New Music Monday: Jamie Cullum's Interlude

Jamie Cullum Interlude Label:  Blue Note US Release Date:  January 27, 2015       Jamie Cullum – the best-selling… The Soulful Sound Lounge 01.26.15

in Music


Negative Clouds

An image reversal to a negative effect. Looks like someone is angry ! God or Mother Earth ? Michael Dohnalek 01.25.15


Café Europa, Morelia Michoacan

Un clasico lugar en el centro historico de Morelia Michoacan para tomar cafe y ver el tiempo volar~ Armando Mejía O. 01.25.15


eyes everywhere~

handsome peacock, flirting.. Armando Mejía O. 01.25.15


Individual Moments

Occasionally I would offer the illusions or reality of past existences and how they co-incide with a lifetime. Nevertheless I… Kerry Phillip 01.23.15

in De Javu


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