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Into the Dark

Alice woke up cold.  She was buried under her favorite comforter, but she felt as though she was wrapped in a blanket of snow.  She sat up quickly.  Her intake of breath turned into an arctic cough.    She shook…

in Mom's Secret Horrors 09.17.14


Wednesday's Women: Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Monica Heldal

Monica Heldal Genre:  Folk Rock, Blues Origin: Oslo     Her acclaimed debut,  Boy From The North, out in the US this week, is part Americana, part Bluegrass and part Irish Folk, spent 21 weeks on the Top 40 albums chart in…

in Music 09.17.14


Traditional Arabic Folk Dance Dabke | The Ananasa Blog

Signifying aspirations, struggles and history, some say it has the highest importance amongst the Palestinian people, which have two main types of this dance, though there are 6 different types in total. Carrying the meaning of identity and…

in Culture 09.17.14



Shih Yun Yeo and Alba Escayo started to work together on 2008 . Since then they already had created a collection of huge works on paper (180 x 100 cm and 100 x 100 cm). This November they will meet…

in Watercolour 09.15.14

The Woman Representative

            As the rays cascade down her, she has struck a permanent pose.  She is susceptible to her owner who can and does reveal her to the world.  The choice is his and his alone.  Showered in brilliance, the owner's…

in A Writer's Touch 09.06.14


Tram Journeys

Summer in Prague. Trams are always running. My morning commute usually involves 2 tram transfers from  different parts of the city. Ever since I got a smart phone, my ability to read on trams / commutes has significantly decreased, in…

in ExistentiARTism 08.17.14


piel island viewed from walney, august 2014

I could have spent weeks in this spot, waiting for different lights and conditions, but as it was I only had an hour before the nature reserve shut up shop and kicked me and her ladyship out. Added to that…

in land 08.15.14


Urban Sculptures

In order of appearance:   1) Mustangs by Robert Glen. Los Colinas, Texas, USA 2) Yerean, Armenia 3) Detroit, USA by COUNTCHADULA . View post for more pictures of "Detroit: Rising from the Ashes." 4) Sinnataggen Park Vigelanda-Oslo 5) Mark Jenkins 6)  Mark Jenkins, Moscow, Russia 7) United Nations Headquarters,…

in ExistentiARTism 08.07.14


The Teacup

feeling abandoned... the teacup  fills with rain   - A. D'Agio   Photo courtesy of Karen LeGeyt.  A. D'Agio 08.06.14


Seeing the future

In June, I had a chance to take a tour of the construction of the new "Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge,"… Cliff Furnald 08.05.14


Anglo Files: Interview with Rockers Sirens in the Delta

Sirens in the Delta Genre:  ROCK! Origin:  Middlesbrough, UK   Members:  Katie on vocals, Rich and Gav play guitar, Si… The Soulful Sound Lounge 08.05.14

in Music


New Music Monday: Stream New Song From Sweden's Michael Warming

Michael Warming announced via his twitter (@MichaelWarming) that his  official version of "Empty Shell of a Man pt.1" is now… The Soulful Sound Lounge 07.28.14

in Music


Music News: Great Mutations Release Debut

With their debut release, Cheap Stuff, the band Great Mutations has made an album that recalls some of the best… The Soulful Sound Lounge 07.24.14

in Music


New Music Monday: Bobby Patterson Has Got More Soul

Bobby Patterson I Got More Soul! Label:  Omnivore Records Release Date:  July 22. 2014     First new studio release… The Soulful Sound Lounge 07.21.14


escape from the picture

 photo session  in action:P Armando Mejía O. 07.09.14


Still Life, Flowers II

I'm working on a collection of atypical still life with flowers. Here I've used calla lilies, hosta leaves, a Tropicana rose,… Diane McDonough 07.07.14


Literally Weird | Bat Manors

Bat Manors, self-described as folk-core, has beautiful harmony and instrumentation. It reminds me of my dear friends Phox, Antrim Dells,… Jacob Singer 07.02.14

in Music


Love in the Quartier Latin

The Carré Saint-Louis in the heart of the Quartier Latin is love central all year long. It is a square… Éric Soucy 06.29.14


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