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Apr 29, 2012 • 9 comments • 438 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

binley fields - 29 4 12

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Congratulations on this translatlantic fusion zine! Really looking forward to seeing how it estuates. Or whatever. Fantastic first post. Éric, you're up!
04.30.12 •
Genius cover image, btw!!
04.30.12 •
Great, great, great. The plush colors with the grey foggy scapes in the distance works very well ; and the horizontal format too! Very inspiring. These thoughts and inputs are going into the next beams 1,2,3... Wonderful series Tom
04.30.12 •
thanks guys - these were a gift from whatever it is that hands out the gifts - right time, right place... and right light - getting back into the abstracts. what's btw?
04.30.12 •
Fantastic first estuary Tom
04.30.12 •
Hey, Tom — btw is by the way — and the stripes motif totally works here, especially with the horizontal format Eric notes. This is going to be a great exhibit.
04.30.12 •
Brilliant, Tom.
05.01.12 •
thanks for the encouragement - interesting, there's a deadline approaching, and the pickings are thin - that gives me two days now to get the cat out of the bag - and it's grey grey grey out there - plan, 5.30 up, out on the A46 where I've seen some interesting looking places. last time it was all fog, so this time i'm having to place my faith pretty much entirely in the nikon - we'll see.
05.04.12 •
You guys, I love this! What a great idea and I hope you keep spurring each other on!
05.05.12 •
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