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Beams 1,2,3... i dream of concrete

May 4, 2012 • 8 comments • 1989 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

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05.04.12 •
You like this beam? not as beamy as the others ; a different angle right. Let me know if they are potentially compatible with your landscapes.
05.04.12 •
it's all about the compositions, particularly in relation to the strip lights - and i love the emptiness/absence of people -in terms of compatibility i reckon the really abstract stuff works best because the two abstract forms (architectural and earthy) are so opposite, but the process of abstraction can join them, in theory, somehow. i love this set eric - anselm kiefer like i think - mausoleummy.
05.05.12 •
Certainly my stuff has been lately more influenced by surrealism and contrast much like kiefer's art. Thank you for the compliment, I am glad you like the series and I appreciate your feedback very much.
05.05.12 •
tell you what else they remind me of - the scenes on board the nostromo in alien, before the crew are woken up.
05.05.12 •
yeah, they do have an eerie impending disaster mood to them ; high contrast blac & white will often do that
05.05.12 •
long lights, lines, sight lines converging lines, perpective, lines, a brave new underground, but somehow not somber or threatening...just a great study in form and emptiness...
i like this series a lot
07.01.12 •
Thank you Jon. There is indeed some calmness to this place, even much calmness and serenity. And imagination will certainly transform any calmness and impression of serenity in threat and insecurity if the mind wants to. I suppose that these images have a certain quality of neutrality, making different interpretations possible. Your comment is much appreciated ; it takes me to a deeper understanding of this subject. And when I look back at these I think to myself : 'I should go back and do it better'. I think I haven't exploited the place entirely.
07.01.12 •
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