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Beams 1,2,3... Tom will be proud of me.

Apr 3, 2012 • 13 comments • 2199 views
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A series of architectural frames inspired by Tom Unsworth's beautifully structured landscape series. Nikon D3100_55-300_18-55 VR Nikkor wide angles_ISO3200_standard mode color_monochrome high contrast edited in ViewNX 2

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Ditto: Love the exchange of photo series, the cross-inspiration is producing great work!

I'd be honored to have this on PHOTO STORIES http://convozine.com/photostories , Éric — would like to be able to feature your underground investigation alongside the Unsworth landscape study that sparked it.
04.03.12 •
Thank you for the kind words Christopher and I will submit to your Zine with pleasure.
04.03.12 •
wonderful stuff going on here eric - love the minimalism and the stuff that draws you back to look again - plus the considered compositions and clever balancing acts - tom is indeed proud, and very honoured at the thought that my shots have provided some inspiration (yours for me too)
04.03.12 •
Thank you for the kind words Tom. It was a lot of fun to photograph these structures while thinking of your landscape compositions - truly inspiring - to me your work with the landscapes of England, and my observations of them, just confirmed my ambitions and direction for structural/architectural photography. They were always there in my thoughts and even in my work, but never as obvious as now, never as conceptualized, as elaborated. I just needed the specialized vision of another structural photographer as a cement to crystallize these thoughts.
04.04.12 •
oh yeah, plus i just figured out how to give awards so you got layout, by which i mean "structural iterpretations" (i think)
04.03.12 •
suggestion to d for a possible new award - magnetism - or how about supporting elements. just put my finger on how you've interpreted the landscapes eric - those "outside of the main feature" elements and how they count for the picture, angles and stuff - love these shots.
04.03.12 •
Interesting, interesting…for this zine I've tried to create awards that speak to the photo story/series as a whole, rather than individual images, but I think I see where you're going with this…
04.03.12 •
True that Tom (if I understand you correctly), without these seemingly more organic elements, these seemingly added or unrelated elements, these compositions would look sterile. Like those hay stacks and trees in your compositions.
04.04.12 •
yeah, like i would be sorely tempted to cut away the clues as to what that thing with the blue stripe is and go for the complete abstract - including those "supporting" or "surrounding elements" equals that the photographer is required to perform a complex balancing act in order for the image to A - feel right, and B - perhaps be enhanced further - and i reckon that's what you've achieved here. in fact, in some ways the inclusion of walls and outside structures seems to serve to project the abstract or artistic element - maybe providing depth - anyhow, i love the way you've balanced the features on the angles around the edges - i would say that 6, 9, 10, 11, and 14 are particularly good examples of what i'm trying to get at - great set
04.04.12 •
Very interesting comment. You're right about cutting all clues to any perspective or orientation for complete abstraction, and also right about having supporting elements and framing structures. It all depends of the subject and the objectives ; abstraction, 'structurality', representation, etc. A delicate balancing act no doubt. Sometimes unwanted elements become necessary to achieve the desired effect, like in this case - the widest spaces of structured lines and shapes to achieve spectacle and aesthetics - and other times they can be a positive addition to frame the effect in the viewer's eye, or to distract him, to sit the image, or to give it movement... A metro station is a cluttered space of infrastructures and signs and that was part of the challenge and the opportunity all at once.
04.05.12 •
04.18.12 •
cool shots, Eric! I especially like shot# 6, 9, 10, and 16! Adding counter angles compositionally works well in these, for me.
06.01.12 •
Thank you Arthur for this much appreciated feedback here are two links to explore for a deeper look : http://convozine.com/ericsoucy/sections/18326-beams-1-2-3 : http://convozine.com/estuary
06.02.12 •
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