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Being John Malkovich

Oct 4, 2011 • 6 comments • 746 views

Road tunnel hole punched into a huge concrete wall

Also appears in:



nice one! Definitely going into a portal
11.05.11 •
great zine, I love tunnels!
11.05.11 •
Thank you Marianna. This is a much appreciated comment and award. Tunnels is a concept Zine that is dear to me.
11.05.11 •
I like the glowing, beckoning orange!
11.10.11 •
yes! when is a subway not a subway? when it's an extraordinary abstract composition of oranges and grays and curves. this shot makes me very very jealous.
02.15.12 •
Thank you Tom for the very pleasing comment. :)
02.16.12 •
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