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Smoky ZzZ - FINAL 44`MMiX

Nov 18, 2011 • 5 comments • 723 views

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I'm on minute 40 of this, Zé — one of your best! Dowwwwwwntempo. Do you spin this in clubs? What other ways are you getting your work out there?
11.19.11 •
comment deleted: 11.20.11
Hi Hector... i`m backing to play and to nightlife slowly. I got some health trouble and fortunely i`m Ok at now.
11.27.11 •
Wow, I was sorry to read that, Zé! Good to hear your arm is working OK and that you're back at it. You can't keep the music down. Take care and be well!
11.27.11 •
Thx m`friend!!!
11.29.11 •
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