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Feb 25, 2012 • 2 comments • 683 views



Hold still…

My spell does not last long.


Look into my eyes.

Feel me without my touch.


Taste the sweetness of my lips,

The aggression of my tongue.


Finger tips across your skin,

A moan in your throat as I make..



                                                            Down your body..

Get excited..

            It’s ok..

Give in to me.

Let me have my way.

I have plans for you,

Sit back and enjoy it.

Absorb my naughty tendencies,

Feel free to punish me.


Pull my hair,

Make me beg,

You know I want what you have to give.


Be forceful.

Lose your way.

Let the energy control you.


Get possessed ;

Own the warmth that welcomes you.

Travel deeper into my trance.

Tell me your wishes,

Let me respond with my body.


Bend me over,

Or legs behind my head..

See me from different angles..

Pick you favorite.


Lick me.

Nibble on my flesh.

Hear my secrets..


I just want to be loved.


Brush my hair back from my face..

Kiss what you see.


How bad have you wanted this?


My hunger for you has grown over years passed.

Let me fest,

This is my time.


Confess that no one else can do this to you.

I assure you she won’t.


Still want to be under my spell?

I can do this all night.


Let me devour you in possessive ways.

I promise I’ll let you do the same. 

Also appears in:

Adult Passions

That's fire right there, WOW! my screen is melting, this writing has always captured my attention for obvious reasons but you do it naturally and very well... arousal can happen from good writing and well I'm gonna step away from this ...slowly
04.09.12 •
lol.. glad you enjoyed it!
04.11.12 •
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