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Fishing Story

Dec 27, 2011 • 0 comments • 510 views

a hungry man sees a wise man on a pier with a fishing net in the sea
the hungry man assumes the wiser to be waiting for a fish or two
the wise man pulls up the net, there is no fish but plenty of edible seaweed
the hungry man ask me why the wise man didn't throw the seaweed back
the wise man replied "you don't leave any oportunities unconsidered"
the hungry man asked "are we eating just seaweed?"
the wise man said "wait"
the wise man then threw back the net, this time three fishes where caught
the wise man then prepared the fish and used the seaweed for salad,
then offered half to the hungry man who anxiously waited by his side,
the hungry man said that this was the most wonderful meal he had ever had,
then he asked curiously to the wise man

of what he had added to make it taste so special,

the wise man replied "patience"


graphic property of respected artist

Also appears in:

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