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Gluten-Free Flour From the French Laundry - NYTimes.com

link shared Oct 2, 2011 • 1 comment • 1944 views

I'm not off gluten, but it seems like every other person I know is. The culinary landscape can be a radically different place when you look at it through their eyes: no bread, no biscotti, no cous-cous, no falafel — well, no pita bread, that is, so what's the point?  — no sandwiches and no cakes! To say nothing of croissants, brioches, pizza, focaccia and PASTA.


Well, help is at hand, at least for the bread/bakery/sandwich/wrap side of the equation, in the form of C4C. Sounds like the active ingredient in a pesticide, true, but given its origins at the French Laundry, Thomas Keller's epicurian Valhalla, it's got to be a lot closer to wheat flour than the mealy and unsatisfying gluten-free stuff I've tried in years past. 


In a San Francisco Chronicle story on C4C, researcher Linda Kwak is quoted as saying she saw a gluten-impaired diner at French Laundry literally cry when, after ten years, she was able to eat bread again. I know how deeply my soul is stirred by fresh-baked bread; this seems like important stuff.


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Pretty expensive for my tastes. For a long time my mouth watered at the mere thought of going sometime in my lifetime (trans. bucket list) to the French Laundry. I guess this is when they were considered the top restaurant in the US by some. The fervor which I wanted to attend a meal there has subsided, but if someone wants to take me there, I will definitely oblige.
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