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What we can Learn from Bees? Sustainable Design at its best.

Mar 12, 2012 • 0 comments • 956 views

When I came home the other day, I had this honeycomb cluster on my lawn. No bees in sight, just a remnant of something used, then left to go back to the earth--something borrowed from mother nature. This got me to thinking, what can we learn from bees? Bees, build with purpose, using only what they need, pulling resources from the earth then giving it back. What if we used this same or similar philosophy for our built environment? Currently, without question, sustainable design practices are essential, which is why it is at the forefront of public debate and discourse, from scientist, designers to politicians. We all seek answers, working towards using resources that don't damage the earth yet provide cost-effective, attractive solutions, keeping in mind how such goals are achieved. But, I wonder what if we simplified our thinking down, as bees do, to what the pure essence of a built environment is suppose to be. Specifically, why do we need to build more? Are we making the best use of everything we make? Then lastly, how does what we build effect generations to come?

I am not claiming to be an expert. This post is merely an observational piece that is food for thought for Designism members over how our built environment may be missing the mark. Please let me know your thoughts, if you have any about this subject.

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