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Sortie rouge (light, red exits, and yellow streaks)

Feb 23, 2012 • 7 comments • 2960 views
Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge Huge

In public spaces, glass, light, colors and shapes meet human needs through his own designs - Nikon D3100_

55-300 VR Nikkor_Contrast bumped in View NX2

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marvellous - 7, 9, and 10 get me. that green panel on the third and the wobbly yellows. i'll beat d to it and call 'em "Soucian".
02.23.12 •
Much appreciated feedback Tom ; Soucian... I'm good with that ')
02.23.12 •
can't stop looking at them - amazing - 10 just bit me
02.23.12 •
I feel a bit like an impostor getting so much attention so quickly for this series because it was so easy to create. Although I needed to find the subject, get the right angle, use the right focal length and compose in a clever way, all those amazing light effects are the result of reflections in the glass and the shiny ceiling bringing a stunning lighting system alive. I suppose that's what photographers do best : bring beauty together in frames. Thanks for the gracious comments.
02.24.12 •
What a series, Éric! Would you be so kind as to submit this to my other zine, Photo Stories? That's all about multiples and serial investigations.
02.25.12 •
With Pleasure DC. Thank you for the kind words and for the big place you are giving me in your Photo Stories Zine. I appreciate this big time and am truly honored. Thank you
02.26.12 •
Wow, #5-12 are truly spectacular, like falling stars and fireworks.
11.24.12 •
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