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Plastic bicycle concept makes sustainable transportation a snap — literally

Sep 7, 2011 • 0 comments • 1970 views

It may take the vision of a child to solve the problem of sustainable, urban transportation. Israeli designer Dror Peleg has come up with a design for a single-speed bicycle made almost entirely out of waste plastic. Called the Frii, Peleg's lightweight bike snaps together like a kid's toy from just a few colorful components. 

As AutoBlogGreen explains,


"At the bottom of the split frame sits the crankset, which is connected to the rear wheel by a belt. The forks for the 20-inch plastic wheels are purposely made short for added strength and the solid tires are injected over the rims during the manufacturing process. The all-plastic saddle looks positively painful, but Peleg says the Frii is no long-hauler.

Thinking systemically, Peleg sees local government manufacturing Frii bikes from local materials. We like Peleg's idea to create clean, inexpensive, human-powered transport out of locally-sourced, post-consumer waste. It gives the Frii the carbon footprint of a flea.


More at: http://knstrct.com/2011/08/24/frii-recycled-plastic-bike/

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