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Is the iPhone the Only Camera You Need?

link shared Apr 1, 2012 • 6 comments • 1978 views

Judging by the quality of iPhoneographs I'm seeing on Convozine and elsewhere, it might be! I think, given the array of instant digital-processing apps, that iPhoneography is apt in describing a new and different medium.


And this is only the beginning. I don't know what, how or when, but it seems to me that the universe of current and emerging digital technologies is going to pick photography up by the scruff of the neck and take it into something more personal, more expressive and abstract — rather like the way photography forced painting to go beyond the representational.


Just riffing. For now, have fun with any of these apps or hardware extensions if you hadn't known about them. BTW http://photojojo.com/ is a great source for iPhoneographyware — check them out.


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I gotta say that I love my iphone camera. More specifically I love all the cool photo editing apps that I can use on my photos that I shoot on my iPhone. My photos on my iPhone look cool! It would take hours using my photo editing program that I have now on my laptop to get my photos to look that way. I can switch between apps with ease. I can edit photos during down time or at boring functions so I don't have to interact with anyone. Really, what's not to love? The only down side is the low resolution of the photographs and I'm sure it's a matter of time before that changes too.
04.02.12 •
I just can't accept a cell phone as my camera. I really have the need to control every setting, the f-stop, the exposure, the temperature, the lens. I just can't imagine doing it any other way now. And you'd have to pry Photoshop out of my dead hands..haha
10.10.12 •
my only real issue here is that when i'm out taking photographs i like to concentrate, especially if i'm in the landscape, to the point that i'll generally leave the phone at home - so that NOBODY can disturb me while i'm concentrating. i'm with fujoshi - why would anybody want to take pictures with a phone when thay could use a camera?
10.10.12 •
Valid points all, but I'm really seeing a greater, if not complete convergence of phone and camera in years ahead. Far better optics and Fujoshi-pleasin' control.
10.13.12 •
Fascinating subject. I sure hope not cause it would make the thousands of dollars I spent on gear in the last 2 years seem like a total absurdity. I can say that my Android phone's camera impressed me when I first started using it. The Sony Xperia Arc had the most powerful cellphone camera at 8.1mpx back when I got it last year. But I got to its technical limits very quickly, hence my lack of interest in it now. Surely the next generations of phone cameras will prove even more powerful and the cell phone will become a 3rd body for a lot of Photographers ; but there is nothing like a full frame DSLR and Photoshop for creativity in my opinion
10.23.12 •
From one point of view,undoubtedly ,all these possibilities for new kinds upon structural concepts around artistic creations of all kinds,is a new reality.
From an other point of view,i am wary,because a see ,that, the ethic of the essential,has given way to the ethic of the "achived",and maybe the trust for the
objectivity of photography as a document, has already become a specie under extinction.
Because,the digital interpretation is out of control!
As also,how easily everybody can destroy,the private life of others.
Underestimating our capabilities,through ,countless facilities, the public has amnesia ,of what means to feel someone alive,following an inner initiative progress.
A certain influence of technology ,is for good,only as a tool for valuable importances
02.07.13 •
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