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Go West

Mar 30, 2012 • 5 comments • 758 views
Huge Huge Huge
Extraordinary, Vincent! Very nicely done indeed. These have the same impulse, it seems to me, as the early 20th C. modernist photography of say, Paul Strand, but with a crisp, contemporary sensibility.
03.30.12 •
You're very kind, thank you. I was really surprised at how big the arch was when I visited it in person. I wasn't really sure how to photograph it ;)
03.30.12 •
Magnifique interprétation photographique de l'Arch. Bienvenue dans la communauté Convozine. Voici quelques liens vers d'autres Zines qui pourraient t'interesser.
03.30.12 •
I love these tones and shapes, very well done Vincent.
04.03.12 •
very cool vincent - am loving the abstractness and the sense of unconventional balance - would love to see some landscape work finding its' way into land
04.18.12 •
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