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Red-Capped Mangabey_Philadelphia Zoo

Dec 20, 2011 • 8 comments • 845 views


Went to the Philadelphia Zoo today with my Mum, who was enjoying a long weekend. The zoo was practically empty so we strolled about the place and enjoyed having the animals to ourselves. I was loving the fact that I could take pictures of the animals as if we were having a 1-on-1 photo shoot. I was surprised by how many of the animals were out and about in the chilly temperatures, there were some no shows but not enough to spoil the day.
The indoor enclosures at the Philadelphia Zoo are some of the best that I have seen, all had very clean glass, nicely sized, and had interesting habitats suited for each animal. Photography wise the light wasn't brilliant but they never really are so just having the nice clean glass with minimal reflections helped out a lot. I loved watching this Mangabey eat his lunch, the trainers had placed pieces of fruit & veg in a small barrel of mesh wire filled with hay so that he would have to find the opening and search for his food. I really liked watching him move it about, find the food, and move away to sit and eat his prize.
Nikon D7000_Nikon 85mm f/1.4D_ISO800_f/3.2_1/200s
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Lofty Black&White

Nice work! Sensitive portrait.
12.20.11 •
Thanks Hector !!
12.20.11 •
Wonderful image ; judicious choice of settings ; good moment for capture. Thank you for sharing
12.20.11 •
Thanks Eric !!
12.20.11 •
I'm impressed. Just visited San Diego Zoo and failed to get a single decent shot. Those animals just seemed to move around too much.
12.20.11 •
Thanks Sue ! I loved the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld, I got lucky cause it was the winter and there was barely anyone there so all of their attention was on me, especially when I was taking shots of the cheetahs, which was slight unsettling at times cause they looked like they were licking their lips.
12.20.11 •
Looks like you had ideal studio conditions for this "portrait". Very poised and polished, and I love how you handled the lighting.
12.27.11 •
Thanks DChristopher, They had natural light coming in through some plastic sheets in the ceiling, the light was very soft. I had to shoot dark for most of the indoor shots to keep the shutter speed up and keep the ISO within reason, I just adjusted the levels and curves in Nikon Capture NX2 when I got home. Most of which was done on the monkey itself.
12.27.11 •
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